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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

TRADING PLACES� I was all set to watch last night�s game but when I switched on FSNY who do I see but Francis the Talking Horses Ass and his unwatchable Halls of Fame. The episode was with Ralph Kiner and believe me, I love old Ralphie but as a 40+ year Mets fan, I�ve all of Kiner�s stories so it was time to spin the satellite dish and it stopped on NESN and the Old Town Team and the D-Rays. The D-Rays were going for a season high fourth straight win. Johnny Damon hit a two run homer to give the Sawx a 3-2 lead. Mike Timlin came on for Boomer Wells and allowed Julio Lugo to tie the game at 3 with an RBI single. With the score tied, in comes Damon�s favorite teammate Curt Schiling. Schill get through the 9th but Terry Francona decides lets squeeze another inning out of Schill and paid the price as Aubrey Huff (who would look very nice at first base for our Mets) drills a shot over the head of Trot Nixon to bring home Jorge Cantu with the winning run. Man, I would love to be the Old Town Team�s clubhouse when Schill and Damon run into each other in the shower. After that I �m ready to go to bed but of course I switch to FSNY and lo and behold the rain has stopped in Denver. It�s the bottom of the third and the Mets are down 1-0. Titan Tom Glavine is on the mound. Todd Helton the batter. I admit I do get on old Titan Tom a lot and I admit he�s not my cup of tea but his approach against Helton had me ready to fling my TV remote against the wall. Helton is one of the better in hitters in baseball no doubt about that, so I figure Glavine will be careful with him but his way of pitching him was ridiculous. First pitch was a fastball that was low and outside ball one. Next pitch was up and outside for ball two. Next pitch was low and outside for a strike, (see a pattern here?) so it�s a hitters count two balls, one strike. That�s three pitches all outside so now would be a good time to bust one inside on Helton right? What does Titan Tom do? He goes outside again. And what does Todd Helton professional hitter do? Goes with the pitch and hits in down the left field line. ARRRRRRGHHHHHH!!!! I HATE TITAN TOM!!!!!!!! Now I�m pissed off and I can�t sleep so I watch the top the fourth because it�s Reyes-Cameron-Beltran. Reyes leads off with triple down the right field line (Dustin Mohr looks friggin� clueless in RF) then Cameron lines a double to right. Beltran moves Cameron over to third and Cliff Floyd triples and David Wright brings him home with a sac fly. I figure the way they�re hitting I can go to bed and get the �happy recap� in the morning. Ah but of course it�s Titan Tom and it�s Coors so no lead is ever safe. Glavine walked Mohr to lead off the bottom of the inning and after his team scored three in the top of the inning to take the lead, Glavine gave up two runs in the bottom of the inning to give the Rocks a 4-3 lead. Thankfully I went bed because shit like that would keep me up all night. �WHOA, THAT�S TOO RICH FOR MY BLOOD� Seems the Texas Rangers want everything but Petey�s hair gel for Soriano. First they asked for Reyes and now it seems they want Lastings Milledge AND Mike Cameron. Gee Buck is that all? You better be putting Adrian Gonzalez in the mix as well. Steve Trachsel looks to be on Trach as he tossed 44 pitches and four scoreless innings in a FSL game. His next start will be for the B-Mets then most likely one more with the Tides then back up to the bigs. Start packing your bags Kaz Yeshhhhi! St John�s closer Craig Hansen and Scott Bore-us client has signed a 4yr/$4mil major league contract with the Old Town Team. It looks like that�s about what it will take for the Mets to sign Mike Pelfry. Omar: Just do it!!!! (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |