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Thursday, July 28, 2005

�SORI WRONG NUMBER� I find all this Alfonso Soriano to the Mets rumors fascinating. First off the sabermaticians among Mets fans point to Sori�s poor numbers on the road and the fact that he thrives at home at Amricquest and how Shea is not conducive to a player like Sori who hits with power, strikes out a lot and has an below average OBA. Add in his sub par defense and Soriano becomes a skinny version of Mo Vaughn. Then you have the fans who because the Mets employed two GM�s-Al Harazin and Swarmy Steve Phillips-who every trade they made turned to shit- and last years fiasco with the Kazmir-Zambrano deal- feel that the Mets should never ever trade a minor league prospect ever again. That brings us to the casual Mets fan who calls the talk radio shows and are as clueless as the radio hosts they�re calling, who think Lastings Milledge is a resort the Berkshires and just like to hear themselves kill the Mets for every move they make. Add in the Mets Bashers in the New York media (The Klapper, Bill Madden, Jon Heyman, Fatsecca and his little bitch, Murray Chass, �Danger� (from the movie Million Dollar Baby) Bondy and last put not least the Grand Wizard of Mets Media Haters Buster (Move) Onley) and you see the waters surrounding the Soriano to the Mets waters are very murky. Which is it? If Sori were to join the Mets he would put them over the top in the NL East and given their strong starting pitching, would give them a fighting chance to make the World Series or Sori in on the decline and is not worth trading Milledge, Cameron or any pitcher not named Ishii to obtain? I think not only would Omar Minaya love to have Soriano but also I feel Willie Randolph is working behind the scenes to push Omar to reunite him with Sori. The only player that would be exempt from being put in a deal for Sori is Milledge. If John Hart says yes to Cameron, Heilman, and either Pettit, Seo, or Banister Alfonso Soriano will be the Mets second baseman come Sunday night. Speaking of Omar Minaya, There are two under reported stories in New York sports so far this season. The first is that the New York Highlanders with an all time high payroll close to $200 million dollars are an unbelievably flawed team. They are so desperate they will claim any pitcher released by any team and stick them in their starting rotation (As if signing Rosalita Leiter was not bad enough they go out and sign Hideo Nomo to a contract. Nomo makes Yessshhii look like Walter Johnson. How the mighty Highlanders have fallen, Where have you gone Scott Kamieniecki Highlander nation turns it�s lonely eyes to you) They also are desperate for a centerfielder who doesn�t need one of those Rascal scooters to cover ground and three cuts off to get the ball to the plate. With all that, there has not been one column written in this town written in anger on how the Highlander front office is totally clueless on putting a team together. Think about this, the baseball people of the Highlanders led by Pee Wee Cashman, have spent $200 mil on their team and they have dive through the dumpsters of a team like Tampa Bay to find a starting pitcher for this weekend. I don�t know about you but I find that fuckin� incredible. Not only that but Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson has been mocked, and questioned repeatedly in the press and talk shows for his style and his way of going about his business. Mel Stottelmeye who has been given pitcher after pitcher from the Highlander bushes and all have had some success in the minors but when the get to the South Bronx, they turn to shit. Why isn�t Stottelmeyrs credentials ever questioned? How come genius like Grand Wizard Onley, and Bronx Robber Baron ass kisser Bill Madden never write as critically about Good Ol� Mel like they do about Peterson? How about taking Pee Wee Cashman to the newsprint wood shed for his inability to out spend his closest competitor by $100 mil and still have a team that has more holes than Alpine Swiss? Their organization is so void of talent, they can even trade for what they need as no one wants any of their prospects. Can you imagine if it were the Mets in the same mess as the Highlanders? The mob scene from Frankenstein would look like the welcome wagon compared to what the jackals in the press would be toward the Mets. Madden writes continually on how the Mets farm system is barren of talent meanwhile the big debate between Mets fans is not trading players like Lastings Milledge, Brain Banister, Mike Jacobs, Yusemiro Pettit, Anderson Hernandez to name a few. That brings me to lack of credit Omar Minaya gets for not only putting together a team worth watching but his ability to sign castoffs to create a bench that is the envy of all of baseball. Yesterday during his weekly chat with Willie Randolph, My Big Fat Obnoxious Talk Show Host asked a question to Randolph that if you could see Willie�s face it had to have a WTF? look on it. MBFOTSH asked something to the effect �Has it been hard for you to have to use your bench players so much this season�? Huh? Every bench player has made a positive contribution to this team. In fact you could make the case that the Mets are one of the better teams in the NL because, they have the guys to step in and make big time contributions. From Marlon Anderson setting records for pinch hits and Ramon Castro playing stellar defense and swinging a solid bat to Roberto Hernandez who has helped improve the bullpen if not for the bench the Mets would be in the same spot as last year. But you won�t see that in the NY papers because there must be some rule that you can�t write positive stories on the Mets. �OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING� I testify that the following is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. The setting: Forest Hills bound R train 7:50 this morning. I�m two stops away form my stop at Woodhaven Blvd. The car I�m in is unusually sparse of passengers as I glance up toward the end of the car a panhandler enters looking for spare change. He�s about 30, in need of a bath, a shower, and a change of clothes. As I always I do I ignore the panhandler because if I gave money to every beggar I see on the subway, I�d have to join their ranks. As the down on his luck fellow approaches me I�m sitting at the end seats of the subway car. I have my arm resting on the opening next to the seat just before the door. The beggar looks at my arm and says �Hey nice Mets watch you have there� Now I�m thinking this not the way I want to start my morning fighting a homeless man over my Mets watch. Of course I move my arm off its resting spot. Then he says to me �That was a nice win last night, you can�t go to Colorado and lose three straight�. I sit up straight in my seat kind of shocked. I say � Your right that�s not the way to start a road trip�. Then he adds, �Now they have to go to Houston and that�s going to be tough� Now I�m going numb as my mind goes to warp speed picturing something a friend of mine told me. He works as a track worker for the transit and he told me of homeless people who live under Grand Central Terminal and how they have set up a shanty town in one of the obsolete tunnels. They tap into the Terminals electricity and have lights, a fridge and even TV. I�m picturing this guy and his homeless posse taping into some cable wires and watching the Mets on FSNY. WHOA!!!!. Now as the train pulls into Woodhaven I get up and as I�m getting off he says to me �What do ya think? Soriano? . I just stare as the doors close. I needed something stronger than a Dunkin� Dounuts coffee at that point. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |