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Thursday, July 21, 2005

"SHHHHHH....KEEP IT ON THE DOWN LOW...." The Mets have won 4 in a row (and 5 of 7)and look to be movin' on up in the NL East. The Mets are now just 5 games back of the back to earth Nats and are second only to the dreaded Braves (4 1/2 games back) for a Wild Card spot. Today was a match up that spelled blow out, and it was except I figured the Mets would be taken to the wood shed as the Pads sent Jake Peavey to the mound to save face for SD against the Punching Bag from the Orient, Kaz Yessshhiii. Who'd a thunk it? Yesssshhii even though he tossed 38 balls in his 97 pitches (walking 5) combined with Mr. Koo, Heath Bell and Danny Graves to toss a shut out for the Mets. Don't look now (and believe me I'm trying not to)but the beast of a division, the NL East, could become a two team race (gulp!). How do you think Carlos Delgado is feeling these days as he chose the Fish over the Mets because "they had the better chance to win" than the Mets. Fish GM Larry Beinfest is ready to send Mgr. Jack McKeon to the early bird specials and is willing to trade young pitcher A.J. Burnett to anyone who will take underachiving 3rd base man Mike Lowell and his 'sack 'o cash" contract. Down the turnpike the Brotherly Lovers have a closer in Billy Wagner who yelled "No Mas" a couple of weeks ago saying the Fightin' Phills look to be going down with out a punch thrown in anger and would like to be sent to antoher assignment. Phillie fans wanted phenom 1st baseman Ryan Howard to join the team and since his call up he has been all he was advertised. So now what to do with incimbent first sacker Jim Thome who not only is owed a gazillion dollars but he has a bad back to boot. Thome could be moved but it would have to be to the AL (Cleveland Rocks!) and the Philies would have to eat about half of the gazillion bucks he's owed. Damn that Larry Bowa!! Then we have the Nats, and oh those long suffering Nat fans. For years they have worried about the dreaded July Swoon and now it seems that malaise has hit the nations capital once again. Now it seems work horse ace Livan Hernandez has been pitching with a bad knee and claims he may go for surgery soon. He's also pissed off at someone in the Nats organization (does Karl Rove moonlight?)and said soon he will reveal you he's mad at (I bet Woodward and Bernstein know who it is) That leaves the Mets and Braves so as you see that's why I'm curbing my enthusiasm for a while. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |