The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, July 31, 2005

"SEND LAWYERS, GUNS AND MONEY..THE SHIT HAS IT THE FAN" I love Manny Ramirez. Not in the biblical sense but in the appreciation of his baseball skills sense and for his left of center personality. However, I love all this about Manny in his Old Town Team uniform. That's to say, I think I'm in the minority in Metsdom when I say I'm glad the Manny to the Mets deal is deader than M. Donald Grant. Before I get to my reasons on why I'm glad this deal fell through, I must had out some "Atta Boy's" to Freddy Skill Sets and Omar Minaya. Freddy gets one for stepping up with his wallet. The Skill Sets have roasted here and on other blogs for being a cheap skate but it seems that Freddy gave his blessing to taking on Manny's remaining contract (4yr/$64 mil) so it's time to bury the Freddy Coupons moniker as Freddy stepped up big time here. The next �Atta Boy� goes to Omar Minaya who made what looks to be a substantial offer by willing to deal Mike Cameron, Aaron Heilman, Yusemiro Petit and the crown jewel of the minor league system Lasting Milledge for Manny, Danys Baez and Julio Lugo. But of course the mentally challenged D-Rays GM Chuck LaMar, threw a monkey wrench into the deal by getting greedy. Hey Chucky, that Kazmir for Zambrano deal happens once every twenty five years. Get over it. Branch Rickey, you ain�t! Having that deal fall apart, Omar was undaunted as he tried hard to resurrect the deal with just the Old Town Team. By offering Cameron, Milledge, Heilman and Petit plus taking on Manny�s Money. What could stop this deal now? Ah here is where it gets sticky. Sawx President Larry Luccino is fed up with Manny and wants to show him the door wicked fast, but the Yawkey Ward, Theo Epstein has said �Hell No, Manny Won�t Go�, and with that Epstein may have saved the Mets future. Ken Davidoff has a great column today that really spells out how I feel. Have the Mets front office learned anything from our neighbors in the South Bronx on how to screw up an organization? Have the Mets learned anything from the thirteen years of ass kickings by the Atlanta Braves? The best move Omar Minaya can make today is to take the phone off the hook until 4:01 PM EDST. In this case no moves are good moves. No one questions the offensive abilities of Manny Ramirez but how about building for 5-10 years instead of 1-3 years? Why not keep Milledge and Petit and add them to the young core of Wright, Reyes and yes, Carlos Beltran? Even a better idea would be take the cash that Freddy Skill Sets was giving to get Manny and go out and invest in more scouts and upgrade the on field instructors in the organization. In a prior post I wrote about the Cardinal Way and the Braves Way well isn�t it about time we had a Mets Way. Why not go to Keith Hernandez and say we want you to become our President of Baseball Fundamentals. Give him a couple of million bucks a year and a liberal expense account and have him over see the minor league instructors. How would you like to have an organization like the Braves who dip into AAA and come up with talent instead of the has beens the Mets keep coming up with? Manny is 33 years old and has 4 years left in his deal so the Mets would get Manny not in his prime but in the back nine of his career. Now I know that Milledge is a prospect and has potential which means he has not done a thing yet but I would rather gamble on Milledge�s future than on Manny�s. In 69 AB�s Milledge has hit at a .348/.395/.406 after a slow start at Binghamton. Milledge has shown to me he can make adjustment as he started slow at Cap Cities and at St. Lucie and made the adjustment to excel at both stops. The biggest knock on Milledge is his ability to control the strike zone in his favor. He needs to cut down on his strikeouts and build up his walk rate. Remember, Milledge has had less than 500 at bats in his pro career so give the young man some time to learn as that�s what the minor leagues are for and that�s why I would go out and hire the best instructors I could find to work in my organization. Maybe, Omar could make Rangers hitting instructor and Mets managerial candidate Rudy Jaramillo an offer he can�t refuse to become the Hitting Czar of the Mets. Oh and while I�m spending The Skill Sets dough, can we get Mike Pelfry under contract and start him on his Mets career. Did the organization learn anything from Philip Humber when he said the long lay off from getting drafted to the long hold out to finally getting on the field messed up his mechanics and could be the cause of his arm injury? Let�s get real he folks, we are not pennant contenders this season. You can�t go 7-1 on a home stand then go (so far) 1-6 on the road. It� s been this way all season great home stands lousy road trips. Get to four games over .500 then go three under. Then back to .500. The team is mediocre. The trick now is to get the team to .600 and not down toward .400 in 2006 and beyond and that starts with leave Manny Ramirez in the Back Bay. < |