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Monday, July 25, 2005

�REMEMBER OMAR, CAVEAT EMPTOR� Ah yes, Omar Minaya has to be leery of GM�s selling their wears this week as the trade deadline comes around this Sunday. To buy or not to buy is the question on all Mets fans minds. It may be nobler to just sit with a pat hand than make a deal the organization would regret. In other words, think twice Omar when talking to Buck Showalter about Soriano. Now you may say, what about John Hart isn�t he the GM of the Rangers? In name only he is, Buck Showalter is running the show in Arlington. From all accounts, the anal-retentive Showalter is fed up with Sori and his bad habits such as watching his batted balls like he�s hitting from the 4th tee on Bethpage Black. Add in the fact that Sori will be looking for a boat load of dough as an arbitration eligible player next off season and the fact he does not wear his socks to Buck�s specifications, it looks like Soriano will have a new address by the end of the week. So when you add in Texas shopping Soriano with the Alfonso Soriano Fan Club (A/K/K the NY Sports Media) add in the fact that Omar Minaya would have no problem adding another player who hails from the D.R., it all adds up to the revival of �Sori to Mets� headlines. Now we went through this last year as Newsday�s Jon Heyman soiled himself every time the name of Soriano was brought up. Back then it was a deal of Jose Reyes for Sori that got Heyman all hot and bothered. If Buck asked for that one today Omar would slam the phone down on him. So now the rumor mill and the magpies of sports talk radio are calling out that the Rangers would take a package of Aaron Heilman, The Zambrano Project and a low level prospect to land Soriano. Now back when Reyes was the headliner in the Soriano trade talks I was 100 % against the trade. Now if that package that I mentioned gets Sori to the Mets then I give Omar full permission to pull the trigger. Truthfully, I can�t see Buck Showalter, even though he is desperate for pitching, taking Heilman and Zambrano for Sori. If he does, he may add ex-manger of the Texas Rangers to his resume. Willie can get testy all he wants when asked about the revival of MikeyP since he moved to the 6 spot but lets look at the facts. With Beltran starting to get in the groove, Cliff Floyd continuing his born again season and The Phenom finally hitting in a spot in the lineup where he makes a difference, that when Piazza steps to the plate, unless he�s leading off the inning, is coming up with men on base. That means more fastballs, which Mikey has been turning into Blasts from the Piazza Past. I guess Willie hates to be told �We told you so� but really Willie don�t be a �playa hater�. I don�t know if it�s because of the team�s history or if it�s the up and down season the team has been having but I want to really enjoy this hot streak and the fact that the Mets are just 3 � games out of first place (and the Wild Card spot as well) but I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Any other fan of a team that is in the midst of a 12-8 month and coming off a 7-3 homestand and headed to a launching pad of Coors Field would be doing a jig but I�m worried about playing the Rockies, who sport and NBA like record of 24-23 at home and 10-40 on the road. Then four games in Houston against the red hot �Stros, who historically give the Mets fits. I�, just hoping there are no Maalox Moments this week. Omar any GM that calls you this week to talk trade and the first name they say is Lasting Milledge HANG UP THE PHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOONNNNNNNEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |