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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"NOW SOME PRAISE FOR WILLIE" Randolph finally dropped his stuborn way and dropped Mikey P down in the order and moved David Wright up to the five spot. But Willie is a little annoyed about all the hubbub over this move: ["I've been watching my team up to this point. I don't understand why it's a big deal. It's from fifth to sixth," said Randolph, who grew a bit testy at repeated questions on the subject of Piazza's move down in the order. "The bottom line is how I feel that particular day. Nothing is etched in stone. I'll put out a lineup that I think will win."] It's a big deal because most of us have been screaming since late May to move Wright up and move Mikey down. Now will he keep true to form and scap this lineup change tonight? After Petey's last start on just 61 pitches I figured, alright the team has a big lead and instead of an extra days rest he can go on regular rest in his next start. Plus the fact that Kaz Yesshhiii was being skiped in the rotation, it looked like a good move. Now we see that Yesshhiii will start tomorrow afternoon and that Petey still gets pushed back a day and will go Saturday against the LA Carpetbaggers. Now I'm concerened. Looks like Petey ain't 100 %. Time to watch Saturday's start very carefully. I have said many times there is bad luck and then there is Mets luck. Phillip Humber going under Tommy John surgery is the quintessential definition of Mets luck. What I don't get is the Mets are saying and Humber also says that the lay off from his last season at Rice and the long time it took to sign, threw his mechanics off. Not only that, the Mets say they felt he was over throwing as well. If that's the case why didn't someone work with him? I'd like to talk to Randy Neiman and Blaine Beaty the Mets minor league pitching coaches on what they were watching with Humber. If there is a silver lining in all this it's that Dr. James Andrews performed the surgery and that Tommy John surgery is not the death sentence it was years ago. Hopefully Humber will be back by next July and be better than ever. But then again there is Mets luck to watch out for. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |