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Friday, July 29, 2005

�METS NEED RUNS SO THEY EAT AT WHITE CASTLE� Sorry about that one but I�ve been reading all the reviews about the movie �The Aristocrats� and I guess I got carried away. If you don�t know about this movie it�s about an old vaudeville joke that is told by comedians and is considered the most disgusting and vile joke ever told which is right up my alley. After reading the reviews I just have to see this movie. It�s like when I sit down to watch The Sopranos and the TV rating comes on the screen and says the show contains adult language, adult situations, nudity, and violence I get a big shit eating grin on my face as those are four of my favorites. Anyway let�s get to the Mets. Another road game, another strong outing by Petey and another night of no run support. How many times does this team get bases loaded or second and third and less than two out and come away with nothing? The Mets are the worst team in baseball with runners in scoring position and because of this that Omar Minaya is still in the Soriano Sweepstakes. Not only that it looks as if Willie Randolph has seen enough of Douggie Eyechart as he grabbed some pine last night against Astros rookie Ezequiel Astacio (by the way what�s up with Astacio face? WHOA. There�s more bumps there than the surface of Mars. It was the one time I was glad I didn�t have a High Def TV.) Randolph gave the start to Marlon Anderson and with lefties pitching in the next two games; Eyechart will again be a spectator. When Douggie got tossed from Wednesday�s game in Denver, Ted Robinson claimed that Randolph must have been ticked that Meinky would put himself above the team and even though the Mets had a 9-1 lead and got himself tossed out the game for arguing a third strike. I thought Robinson was nuts but it does look as if Willie is sending Meinky a message. Petey pitched his balls off last night to the tune of 117 pitches and left with a no decsion. You can�t kill Robert Hernandez that guys been money all year. It should never have been that close the Mets should have broke this one open early as they had bases loaded in the first inning and came away with one measly run. Reyes, Cameron and Beltran all reached base. Floyds hit a sac fly for the one run as David Wright and Mikey P came up short. Speaking of Mikey P, don�t let that little hot streak of his kid you, it�s time to cut ties. I hear some folks saying �well maybe the Mets will sign him for one year and he and Castro can spilt the workload in �06� No way. It�s time to move on. Mikey earned his bucks as a Met and hopefully he will go into the Hall of Fame as Met but it�s time for the curtain to drop on his Mets career. His bat is sloooooowww, as he can�t get around on the fastball like he used to and he looks foolish on two-seam fastballs and sinkers. I know Willie won�t do it out of respect for Mike but the Mets would be a better team with Castro playing everyday. Astros fans kill me. Beltran was a �Stro for three months and gave them one of the best rides in the 44 season they�ve been in existence and they feel jilted like he was an original Colt .45 who bailed. How about that bar across for the Juice Box selling BELTRAN $UCK$ t-shirts? If Carlos doesn�t get his bat in gear soon they may become hot sellers in Queens as well. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |