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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

�JUST A SONG BEFORE I GO� It�s vacation time folks as The Eddie Kranepool Society takes a week�s hiatus to visit the House of Mouse in Orlando. I was out voted 3-1, as my family wants to visit Disney World, which curtails my annual pilgrimage to Cape Cod. So no Cape Cod League baseball and no hangin� with Gammons. What sacrifices I have to make. Blogging will be spotty if not non existent as with past Disney World trips make it impossible as my family loves to run me ragged through the heat and humidity of Orlando. But let me hit on a few of Mets items before I take off: Willie had a good idea with his line up shake up yesterday but wake me when he knocks Mikey P down to seventh and moves David Wright up to fifth (I�d even settle for sixth at this point) then you have a story. Be honest, 2-2 in the ninth you were waiting for the Mets melt down and a Nats win. The Nationals are 22-7 in one run games and 29-10 at home and the hottest closer in baseball in Chad Cordero, so it�s hard to be optimistic, as optimism and being a Mets fan do not go hand in hand. Ah but lo and behold Jose Reyes ignites the rally and Jose Offerman get the big hit to put the Mets up and lead them to a win. Go figure? Now with Petey going tonight and Titan Tom Glavine and Kris Benson after that, how should I say this, I have a guarded optimism about taking 3 (gulp!) of 4 from the Nats. How could I have missed this from over the weekend? The Astros designated P John Franco for assignment when they called up P Ezequiel Astacio. This is about three years overdue. I think Willie Randolph watched yesterday�s game with one step in the dugout and one on the field. When Ishii was ready for a meltdown in the fifth, Willie bolted out of the dugout like he just got a Roger McDowell hot foot, to get Ishii out and to bring in Heath Bell. Talk about your short leash. Now tell us how much confidence you have in Ishii, Willie. Eddie (Grey Goose) Coleman was on with Chris (Continent) Carlin this morning and said when Randolph was asked about Kaz Matsui he said, �he�s coming along� which Coleman said was kind of like a code for �Don�t be looking for him too soon� Omar, Say no to Brett Boone!!! (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |