The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, July 17, 2005

�I�M BACK...BACK IN THE NEW YORK GROOVE� After eight days in Disney World I must say it�s great to be back in NYC. Why anyone would want to live year round in that heat and humidity is beyond me. Everyday 90+ degrees and 90+ humidity. Also there has to be some sort of restructuring of airport security in this country. When a five year old girl and nine year old boy have to remove their shoes and have a security guard wave a metal detecting wand over them, that does not make sense. Yes it�s good to have everyone get checked but at some point common sense has to take over. But common sense in the current administration in White House is non existent. (Okay no more political commentary sorry all my Republican readers) On to the Mets. Well there just where I left them, hovering around the .500 mark. I think the week I was away summed up the season. They take three of four form the division leading Nats and then go to the Steel City and lose two of three to the Pirates. We are what we are a .500 team. I have a lot of catching up to do but right now Petey is taking the mound so I going to sit and relax and take in this game. I�ll most likely post a long rant tomorrow as I�ve got a lot to get off my chest with < |