The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, July 22, 2005

�EVERYBODY MERENGUE!!!!!!!!!!� Tonight is one of the nights when Shea Stadium is different form any other ball park in the majors as it�s Merengue Night. If you�ve never been to one of these, you don�t know what you�re missing. Thousands of the city's citizens of Dominican or Hispanic persuasion come out with flags, whistle and some very colorful garb. Then the Dominican Dandy former Giant pitcher Juan Marichal is introduced to the crowd and after the game fans are treated to some Latin performers who friends of mine say are some of the top entertainers in the Dominican Republic. I wonder if Petey will invite his pint sized buddy Nelson de la Rosa to tonight�s gala? Murray Chass throws around compliments about the Mets like manhole covers and today�s column is par for the course. Good to see a seasoned vet like David Wright, take a struggling player like Dougie Eyechart under his wing. The Post has a very sad story on Davy Johnson losing his daughter < |