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Friday, June 17, 2005

�WILLIEBALL� �That was huge for me� the manager said, �Hopefully guys will see that and go, �Hmmmm, it�s not a hit, but it�s a quality at-bat. I was more excited about that than the home run� That�s Willie Randolph gushing over the at bats by first baseman Brian Daubach, who drew three walks in yesterday�s 9-5 Mets win. Maybe it was just being in Oakland or maybe instead of a Bible in his hotel room night table, Willie Randolph found a copy of �Moneyball� in there instead. Whatever it was, Willie is closet OBP man. Who knew? Speaking of Daubach, Dougie Eye Chart does not seem too happy about grabbing some pine yesterday as Daubach started yesterday and made a big contribution: �All I ever heard was I got brought here for defense, and it�s kind of hard to help the team defensively if I�m not playing,� Mientkiewicz said. �The offense is struggling. Someone has to take the heat. I guess it�s me.� Is this guy serious? He�s hitting .205/.302/.353 with 12 extra base hits playing a power position and he gets (no pun intended) defensive? Eye Chart has some brass balls if you ask me. If he was hitting just .250-.260 with about 12 homers and 20 doubles there would be no question about him going out there everyday at first base. But when you can�t hit your way out of a paper bag on a team that struggles to score runs what the hell do you expect? I guess I was away the years Eye Chart won al his Batting Crowns? Add in the fact now you have competion form a guy who was a veteran major leaguer who went down to the bushes in order to get his game straight and get back in the big leagues and that�s what Daubach has done. Then he goes out and draws three walks on a team that thinks take deep counts is against the law and you want to know why your benched and the manager is throwing bouquets his way? Wake up Douggie! We all acknowledge you�re a great glove man at first base but you can�t hit a lick and the team needs a shot of offense so go find Rick Down and get to work. With the Ancient Lefty Mariner Jamie Moyer on the mound tonight it will interesting to see if Randolph comes back with Daubach or goes with Chris Woodward at first base The Mets have signed 68 year old catcher Benito Santiago to a minor league deal. Santiago will report to Norfolk. No word yet if Baseball America has ranked Santiago as a top 10 Mets prospect. I ready to come here today and go after Randolph with a vengeance over his bullpen moves yesterday then I looked at the probable pitchers for today and saw that Kaz Yeshiii was going for the Mets tonight. As I listen to the game on radio yesterday I figured if you want to take Benson out after six innings and a 7-3 lead, OK I could live with that. So bring in Aaron Heilman and let him get some much needed work. Then Willie brings in Heath Bell for an inning and then Danny Graves-who could not get his fastball up to 90mph-got tagged for four hits and three runs and lo and behold a 9-3 coaster became a save situation and out comes Loopy who got his 13th save of the season. Again I�m guessing Randolph kept Heilman back as learning from his past start, He will have a very short leash on Yeshii tonight with Heilman the first man out of the pen to bail out the Mets. Tides second baseman Jeff Keppinger was spiked above the knee Tuesday by Charlotte Knights (White Sox) second baseman Felix Hernandez. The Tides thought Hernandez went out of his way to go after Keppinger and emptied the bench to retaliate. After the game Tides manager sounded like a man with a score to settle: [�Keppinger�s lucky,� Tides manager Ken Oberkfell said. �Martinez literally tried to hurt him. I�m still mad about it and it happened 2� hours ago. He could have possibly ended a guy�s career. He�s gutless and that�s his reputation. Print it and send him a copy. I don�t care. �He�s a hot-dogging bush-leaguer who runs and hides behind his teammates. I�ll say that to his face. Hopefully I�ll get the chance to do just that. What�s the saying? Payback is what? We have more games left with them this season. People in baseball don�t forget. It�s a given.� ] The Knights and Tides don�t meet up again until August 8 at Harbor Yard. This could be the first professional baseball game played in a steel cage. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |