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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"WHERE WILL YOU BE ON SUNDAY"? I'll be at Shea for Petey's next start against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Which is Located in the Southeren Section of the State of California WHEW! For the first time in close to twenty years Mets fans have a pitcher who has the magnitism to lurre out of your home on a Tuesday night because you just know something special is about to happen. I felt it around the fourth inning last night that this could be the night the no hit jinx would be broken. At first I had an adrenaline rush but then I wanted to kick myself in the ass as I thought about heading over to Shea after work to catch the game. Then I said ah let me just go home have a nice dinner and watch the game from my couch. I'm not making that mistake again I'm tkaing my lunch hour tomorrow at the Shea Stadium ticket booth. "IS HE OR ISN"T HE" I'm listing to WFAN and there was been no confirmation of the Mets sigining Danny Graves although various print sources say it's a done deal. One member of the Reds thinks this is great deal for both Graves and the Mets. In fact he sounds as though he wishes he was part of the package deal: [It will be a good opportunity for him to start fresh," Reds first baseman Sean Casey said. "I think now he's ready to get back playing, get on the field, kind of itching to get back. It's a great pickup for the Mets."] Here's Graves headed from dispair to a team looking to make a run and you know Casey would love to join him at Shea. I bet it wouldn't cost much to bring Casey here. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |