The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, June 27, 2005

WE HAD THEM IN A CHOKE HOLD BUT THEN WE LET THEM GO� As the ninth inning unfolded last nigh I kept getting flashbacks of Hulk Hogan. Remember how The Hulkster would be in a sleeper hold and the referee would pick up his arm and it would drop limp on 1-2-�.and then on 3 he�s hold it up straight and strong and wiggle his finger? That �s how the Highlanders reacted when Braden Looper walked Tino Martinez to lead off the ninth. That�s the cardinal sin of a closer; never ever walk the lead off hitter. I still don�t understand why Loopy didn�t just challenge Martinez with gas with the count 3-1 just blow it by his has been ass. I�m not going to kill Loopy today the guy has blown just three saves this season and sure they were big games opening day, against the Bravos and last night against the Highlanders but that�s the way it is with closers not named Mariano Rivera. The rest of the pen was a bit shaky as well. Aaron Heilman had a brain fart when he came in for Kris Benson and balked Bernie Williams over to second and the gave up an RBI hit to Jeter. Royce Ring did his job and then Roberto Hernandez came in and had trouble finding the plate but got out of a jam. Then came Loopy who had a tough weekend with his tight rope act on Friday night and then last night. What�s ironic is in the seventh or eighth inning last night Sam Ryan interviewed Omar Minaya and she asked what position is Omar looking at to upgrade. He said that the everyday line up is just about set but he does want to upgrade the bullpen. Right after that came the implosion. Look, I�m not crazy about Loopy as the closer but whom would you get to replace him? No matter who you go after you would have to pay a high price as not only closers but also any good bullpen help is a precious commodity. Some thoughts on the weekend series: You can scream all you want about his OBP, when Jose Reyes puts the ball on the ground teams soil their uni's trying to get him out at first base. When David Wright came up last year I said a prayer that he would not turn into Gregg Jeffries. Thank you God. The Highlanders were very giddy after Giambi�s game winning hit last night, espically A-Fraud. The old Highlanders would never put on a display like that. It goes to show how uptight that team is that this win was treated like they won the World Series. Either that or they were shocked to beat the Mets. Little by little Willie Randolph is letting his true feeling come out on his life as a Highlander coach. It seems St. Joseph of Torre and Willie had a very good relationship but Willie and Pee Wee Cashman it seems were not as chummy. Figures, just as Dougie Eyechart starts get his bat in gear he pulls a hammy. Then to make matters worse the Mets call up the totally washed up Jose Offerman to take his roster spot. WHY, WHY, WHY???? So now the Mets will split time at first between Daubach, Offerman, Woodward, Anderson and Miguel Cairo when he comes off the DL this week. What would be the crime to let Mike Jacobs come up for the two weeks or so that Eyechart is on the DL. Why couldn�t Omar sit with Jacobs and say �Your our top firstbase prospect and we�re strapped for help here. This is just a two week assignment to help out the parent team. It doesn�t matter if you hit .750 or .150 after Mienky is ready to come back, you go back to either Binghamton or Norfolk to continue your baseball education�. Jacobs is 24 years old and has been in th eMets system for six seasons. Last June he was shut down by sugery on hisright labrum and from the looks of things at Binghamton (245 Ab's 14 HR 51 RBI .306/.363/.547 he has bounced back nicley. If the Braves can call up Andy Marte to play third and then send him back down when they see he was struggling and not have a federal case made why can�t the Mets do this? < |