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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

�THERE�S NO BAT IN THIS PELFREY� WOW Wichita St. RHP Mike Pelfrey, ranked 5th overall by Baseball America was still on the board when the Mets turn came up at the 9th spot and Omar Minaya swooped him up. I guess the eight other teams picking before the Mets were scared off by the Scott Boras factor as Boras is Pelfrey�s rep but unlike past GM who will remain nameless who would not deal with Boras, Minaya has shown with Carlos Beltran that he can sit with Boras and hammer out a deal. We all know that signing Pelfrey will not be a walk n the park but hopefully it won�t drag out like the Phillip Humber negotiations sis last year. Pelfrey stands 6�7� and weighs at about 210 lbs. He possesses a 92-97 mph fastball that sinks and has hellacious movement. Pelfrey also lists a plus curve and changeup on his resume and was the top pitching prospect rated by Baseball America. The only negative with Pelfrey is the fact that he�s a Boras client. Can you just see Humber and Pelfry as the Mets 1-2 punch in 2 years? �CAPTAIN WRIGHT�? No not yet but it�s coming as David Wright is starting to show leadership qualities. Little by little Wright is being quoted more and more in the papers: [We'll try to find that unchartered territory, but we've shown we're very capable of putting together a string of winning baseball," Wright said. "This is the way we're capable of playing. We're capable of doing everything well, getting good pitching, playing good defense, getting some clutch hits, and we're starting to put it all together. From Day 1, everyone in this clubhouse and Willie knew what this team was capable of doing. "We knew it all along, Willie knows it, the rest of the team knows it and we're feeding off that and proving to ourselves that we're a very good ball club, and can compete with the best teams in the league."] It�s a breathe of fresh air to hear a young guy like Wright talk about not just competing but winning. It also shows that Willie Randolph is succeeding in eradicating that wow is us mentality that the team had the last two seasons under the totally inept Art Howe. In the NY Times today the story on Wright had a couple of interesting sections: [What made the episode in Atlanta so jarring is that only two days earlier, in a nationally televised game against the Yankees, Wright came across more like a giddy Little Leaguer than a belligerent pro. He squealed when the Mets turned a double play, yelped when they scored a run, yelled "Yeah, yeah, yeah" at the end of innings. "He sounded like a little girl," said his father, Rhon Wright, a police officer in Norfolk, Va. "He sounded like he was hollering in the house, playing poker or playing pool with his brothers. And then, two days later, I see him getting ejected. These are the two ends of the spectrum we're in the middle of right now. He's evolving all the time. We're just trying not to get too excited one day and then jump off a bridge the next."] How about Wright having to carry Cliff Floyds bags and how Floyd takes Wrights polo shirts and out stretches them by putting them on after a workout. I thought back to last year when Wright was given the rookie initiation by wearing a dress to a team flight and one name popped into my head. Gregg Jeferies. Wright is the anti-Jefferies that�s for sure. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |