The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, June 03, 2005

"RAINOUT THEATRE" I used to love that on CH. 9 when the Mets were rained out. The announcer would come on "We now join The Devils Command staring Boris Karloff.... ah this is the new millenium and with MLB Extra Innings you can watch as much baseball as your head can stand. I'm tuning in to the the Nats-Fish game (2-2 in the 7th) which is being broadcast by the Nats TV statin . After an inning or two it strikes me BING! Ron Darling is the anaylst for the Nats. He's quite good too as he and Mel Proctor make a nice team. With the new Metswork coming into focus how about a team of Darling and Keith Hernandez doing games and programs for the Mets? I didn't post yesterday as for the first time in five years of Little League coaching I brought a game home with me. Last year my team needed a win to make the playoffs and we lost a one run game but that did not bother me as much as last nights game. My team is in the throws of a six game losing streak and we've just about exhausted any chance of making the playoffs. Now I know as a coach we're supposed to make it fun for the kids and teach them how to play the game and be good sports an all that happy drivel. Well my problem is the kids that are playing for me could give a rats ass if we win or lose. Now most days I just chalked it up to a bad game and left it as that. It wouldn't be so bad but we paractice at least twice a week for two hours minnimum. But they make the same mental errors and all thise kids care about is if the can have some sun flower seeds and if they can ask their mom something. Out of 10 kids besides my son and my two coaches son I'd say maybe three fathers show up for these games that's awful but I digress. We have a game tomorrow and I've been working on my Vince Lombardy-Knute Rockne-Gail Sayers Brian's Song-motavational speech. I have to find out if these kids have any pride and if they want to be labeled as losers. I know they're only 9 years old but about five of them are in such bad shape they make me look like Tony Little. My biggest fear this weekend is it's supposed to be 80 degrees and I'm sure some of these guys won't be showing up. What got me ticked was we nearly had to forfeit the game as I only had seven players with 10 minuttes to game time. I had one kid who shows up every game with his mother and I just about need a restraining order to keep her out of the dugout. The mother claims the kid had a bloddy nose at lunch time and wasn't sure if he wanted to play. One of my coaches had to just about begged this spoiled brat to take the field. Then I have a couple of kids whose families think the games start when the deicde to arrive and always have a bullshit excuse on why there late. So tomorrow it's turn over the buffet table time. I haven't decided if I'm going the Lea Elia as Cubs manager all profanity route or the Hal McCrae KC Royals throw everyting off your desk telephone and all way. I could go away from baseball and use the Jeff Van Gundy-American Touristers under the eyes-it's all my fault way as well. Nah, they'd beleive that one. I know one thing there will be a lot of flying saliva in this rant and rave. < |