The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, June 26, 2005

"A QUICK HIT ON A SUNDAY MORNING" Now that my Little League season has come to a close I should be able to get back to everyday posting. Record wise it was the worst season in my five year managerial career but fun wise it was the tops. Just teaching four kids who never picked up a baseball bat before and teaching them how to hit and to play baseball and see them jump with joy when they got a hit was well worth the time and effort as were the kind words form their parents. Now about our Metsies, Yes I'm very happy about the beat down they have given the Highlanders so far. I'm also happy how we have two young guns in Reyes and Wright that makes the Bronx Robber Baron envious but as we have seen too many time this season the Mets are an up and down team. But I give Willie Randolph a lot of credit as this team is never down and he gets them to back in contention just when I think they're done. I am also enjoying the way the news hounds in this town that wave Highlander pom-poms are now giving there euolgy, but I still stand by my stance that I have had enough of inter league play and I've had enough of this so called Subway Series. As great as this weekend has been for the Mets it won't mean a damn thing if in the next ten games against the Phillies, Fish and Nats they don't go at least 7-3. The next ten games are the test of where the Mets are not three games agisnst an over bloated, over paid and overrated bunch like the Highlanders. < |