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Friday, June 03, 2005

�PETEY� Before this season there were only two pitchers in the history of the Mets franchise that when they took the mound for the Mets it became a �must see game�. Seaver and Gooden were the guys who made the Mets ridiculous favorites ( I remember games that Doc pitched where the betting line was runs. RUNS! That�s sick!)in the games they pitched. Now we can add one more name to the legend. PETEY! Last night was one of those games that go down in Mets fan memory bank as a classic. Between Petey looking like a kid from Corona when the Shea sprinkler system went off unexpectedly in the second inning and the unbelievable lucky catch that Cameron made in right field (the replay showed that he was looking to his right when the ball landed in his left glove hand) to Mikey P looking like he was pulling a baby grand piano as he went first to third on Cliff Floyd�s double (I didn�t know if Piazza fainted or if he was sliding head first) it was a huge difference from the stinker the team played on Tuesday night. Oh and don�t forget Beltran�s obligatory "Petey�s startin� so the balls departin�" home run. Then to top off the night the CH. 11 cameras put up a shot of t-shirts at the concession stands that say �Vote for Pedro� which has been made famous by the movie �Napoleon Dynamite. �WHERE DOES THE TIME GO� A moment of silence please as the Mike DiFelice era comes to an end. There was this panhandler on the downtown 1 train this evening with one of the rattiest looking Mets hat I've ever seen. As he came by me shaking his cup for spare change I look up and discovered it was Felix Heredia. �DAMN FOREGINERS� Willie Randolph may have to wear one of those earpieces like they do at the UN to understand Mr. Koo-fax and Kazuo Matsui. It seems Koo-fax bruised the rotator cuff in his left arm after he made that mad dash home last week against the Highlanders. Problem is Koo-fax did not tell the manager or anyone in the organization that his arm hurt. The same problem occurred with Kazuo Matsui when his stiff neck healed he did not know how to convey that he was ready for action to his manager. So as a service to both players I have suggestions on how to communicate better with Willie Randolph. When you get hurt you must go over to Willie and say, �Skip, it (the area that�s injured) hurts like a mutherf�er�. Then when you want back in the starting lineup you say "Skip, my agent is on the phone". �THE RING OF FIRE� So with Koo-fax sidelined, the Mets have brought up Royce Ring to fill the bill as LOOGY. Media speculation was that Steve Colyer the lefty the Mets received for shipping Matt Ginter to the Tigers would be the LOOGY brought up. Colyer has 16 K�s in 14 IP for the Tides but I do not believe he�s on the 40 man roster and Ring is. Ring in 18 IP has K�d 11 batters and walked 7. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |