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Sunday, June 12, 2005

"ONE THE HARD WAY" There are many things about the Los Angeles Angels that give me nightmares: Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi Mike Scioscia's ninth inning home run in game 4 of the 1988 NLCS Reigning AL MVP Vlady Guerrero patroling the green fields of Anaheim instead of Flushing. Then after Friday's game when Willie was a little late on the old bullpen trigger as Kaz Ishii reached his point of no reteun after five innings I was as down on this team as I've been all year. I keep checking the standings and I see the Nats not only streakng at 9 in a row but I see GM Jim Bowden make a huge statement by trading Tomo Ohka to the Brewski's for Junior Spivey. Ohka dissed the living ledgend Frank Robinson and that bought him a ticket out of D.C. Then I see the Philles getting on track and going out and making a bold move for Uggie Urbina. The Braves and Marlins have some serious issues with the Braves hurting and Marlins just playing lousy. I just keep asking myself can this Mets team make a bold move? This Mets team is very up and down and after Doug Eye Chart made his error at first, and in his defense Loopy could have been a little quicker to first base, I thought that's it this team is doomed. It's amazing what one inning can do to change one's outlook. I have seen on some boards and in some e mails I get that some fans feel Manny Acta is too agressive as third base coach. I feel aggressiveness is best and it proved out last night. Marlon Anderson deserves all the praise he's getting for his blood and guts inside the park home run but you have to tip your Mets cap to Acta for realizing it was now or never to tie this game. Then to tie the game in such a dramatic fashion and then lose the lead on an error would deflate any team but this is where I put aside my differences with Willie Randolph (Bullpen, 2nd base, David Wright) and say he is doing a great job as manager. This team never ever gives up and sure it's surpy and walking cliche but the team is taking on the personality of it's manager. Just like last year when like the manager the team was dead but too stupid to lay down, this team feels it should win every game. Just look at what Cliff Floyd said after his walk off homer (by the way is there a greater feeling as a fan as watching you team do the Team Hop at home plate?): [Cliff Floyd stepped in and turned on the Brendan Donnelly pitch, sending it deep down the line in right. The Mets were down by one with two on and two outs in the bottom of the 10th inning last night at Shea. So could it be a walk-off three-run homer? No, it could not. The ball curved foul. "When I hit that ball foul, I actually turned around and looked at some of the fans," Floyd said. "They had their hands over their head. I'm like, 'I wish the ball could've stayed fair for these people.' "] Then Floyd sumed up what could be a great summer around here: ["We have one of those teams that deserves this type of win," Floyd said. "It shows the type of character we have. We have a lot of guys who really want to win real bad."] A lot of fans want that as well Cliff. I'll have something latter as I'm off to see Petey. (to post a comment pleas click on th etime of this posting) < |