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Thursday, June 23, 2005

�OH SO NOW WE�RE A BUNCH OF NO NOTHINGS� Before I rip a few assholes here, it seems somebody was cheating off of someone else�s paper: From Lee Jenkins NY Times Mets-Phillies game story: [For more than a month, Aaron Heilman has been baseball�s version of a backup quarterback, cheered by a public that barely got to see him] Now this form Anthony Rieber�s NEWSDAY game story: [Aaron Heilman is the Mets fan�s version of a backup quarterback: the player everyone clamors to see more of precisely because he�s not the other guy] For two guys who cover this team on a regular basis, I�m dumbfounded that they both could be so clueless about Heilman and the fans perception. I�m especially shocked by Jenkins who writes a great game story but he followed his opening paragraph with this load of crap: H[e was everybody's favorite starting pitcher, mainly because he was the one starting pitcher who had been banished to the bullpen. When the Mets finally received an eyeful of Heilman on Wednesday night, they might have realized why he was eliminated from the rotation in the first place.] First off the whole seventh inning was a mess from the 3-2 pitch that Royce Ring threw for strike three (the ball was at the knees and on the inside of the plate) on Jim Thome that home plate umpire Paul Emmel called ball four (Could Willie Randolph come out of the dugout and give an umpire hell once in a while?) to Heilman plunking (not that he didn�t deserve it as he owns Mets pitchers) Pat Burrell to Mr. Koo taking over the mantle of reliever who sucks the most from the dearly departed Mike DeJean but to burry Heilman and say that Mets fans don�t know jack shit about this team is fucking ridiculous. If you don�t think that Aaron Heilman shouldn�t start over Kaz Yessshhii, then you should be banished to covering the WNBA. Yes he had a bad outing last night but the guy has been unhitalbe for the last 16 innings he�s pitched plus he had not allowed an inherited runner to score either. It would have been nice for Mr. Koo to pick him up as well but that would be like asking Paris Hilton to act like a debutante. It was a bad loss last night no doubt about that but to pin this Heilman is a bit short sited. Here�s what Mets fans know. Heilman was a number one draft pick and for 19 games he appeared in before this season was an out and out bust. But as a number one pick you had to figure there has to be some talent in this guy he can�t suck this much. We all know about Heilman going back to his pitching mechanics form college and the rest is history. So the guy pitches like a number one draft pick and Mets fans are not to get excited? Then Omar Minaya panics when Steve Trachsel goes down with back surgery and trades away not only a terrific backup catcher but a player who if he was still on the team would be the everyday first baseman in Jason Phillips for a pitcher who is so awful in Kaz Yesssshhii that the desperate for a starting pitcher, LA Dodgers traded away. And you have the balls to insinuate that Mets fans are clueless? (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |