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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"METS TAKE ANOTHER DAY OFF" I just wonder if players look at the scores and standings as intensely as fans do? Last night the Marlins and Braves (to the Nats) lost and the Phillies beat the Giants and the Mets played a game like it was the middle of September and they were 25 games out of frist. A win last night and the Mets are just 1 1.2 games form the divison lead. But instead they put up a stinker of a performence that should have Willie ripping new assholes. The one moment of happiness last night was that Kazuo Matsui looks like he will be spending time on the bench as Miguel Cairo started at second and batted second. Reyes and Cairo did their jobs by getting on base and getting in scoring position but the socalled heart of the order needed a by-pass. Carlos Beltran who admits he's not quite ready struck out after being ahead in the count 3-0 against former Highlander Admiral Brad Halsey (just another ex-Highlander who gets away from Misery Mel Stottlemyre and excels at the art of pitching) Beltran should have been placed on the DL has not played in about 10 days and it shows. A little Rust-O-Lieum please. Mikey P took a walk to load the baeses for Cliff Floyd. Mikey for some reason known only to Willie was placed in the prestigious clean up spot when we all know he is the clean up hitter emeritus. At this point it should be clear that Piazza should be batting 6th or 7th. It should also be clear that Mikey is so done you don't even need the fork. His throw done to Reyes last night from the grass cutout was embarassing. If Mike is not going to hit if your Willie Randolph you really have to consider playing Ramon Castro as the everyday catcher when he gets back. Forget about trading Piazza as no one would want him and forget about him going to the AL as a DH. He's done. Cooked. Finished. Just get your tickets for Sunday October 2 the Mets last game of the year and thank Mikey for his years of service. Now back to Cliffy. I guess fame and fourtune makes you forget the basics of baseball. Two outs men in scoring position, all you should be thinking there is shorting your swing and going up the middle. On one pitch Cliffy was sooooooooo out in front of the ball he pulled in down right field. Then he hit a weak grounder to second for the third out and stranding 3 men on base. Pathetic. Wwhy can't guys look at the defesnsive alginment and try to go up the middle or even the other way. We Mets fans can called Carlos Delgado all the names we want but he is a great player because he's a smart player. He saw the Mets play a shift on him with Reyes playing over second base and he took the ball the LF and hit it right in the vaccated shortstop spot. John Harper says all the things I've been screaming about and since his readership is about a million more than mine hopefully it will cause some uproar by Mets fans. I do take exception with Willie over this quote: [Heilman has not allowed any of his eight inherited runners to score, yet he's rarely in the mix as a late-inning reliever. Even last night seemed like a logical spot for Heilman to replace Kris Benson after six innings to keep the game close at 4-0. Instead Randolph used Koo, fresh off his 3-and-0 gopher ball to Carlos Delgado Sunday, and he wasn't any better last night. Yet Randolph left him in because the Diamondbacks had so many lefthanded hitters, but Koo couldn't get an out, which prompted the mock ovation for the manager. Randolph was firm in his response. "They had five lefthanded hitters, I figured he'd get one of them," he said of Koo, with a touch of exasperation. "I had the pitcher's spot coming up in the bottom of the inning, and I was trying to get through the inning without using another pitcher. "Maybe that's why (the fans) got on me - they don't understand that. And that's why I don't worry about it."] Willie the fans understand but you act like Koo is short for Koofax. They guy is not a LOOGY. In fact instead of berating the fans you should be banging on Omar's door screaming for a left handed releiver. In fact you were better off bring in Aybar for the inning as this left-lefty thing with Koo is not working out. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |