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Monday, June 20, 2005

�METS FANS HAVE THE WILLIES� I knew it was coming. The message boardsand the phone lines at WFAN were primed and ready after yesterday�s Mets melt down. Willie Randolph can spin it from Seattle to East New York on why he took out a locked in Aaron Heilman for batting practice pitcher Mike De Jean all he wants but the bottom line is he screwed up and he screwed up badly. His reasoning that Heilman has not gone long recently does not have a leg to stand on. Forget that Heilman has started seven games this season and has starting pitchers conditioning, Heilman himself said he was primed and ready to continue his terrific relief rescue of Titan Tom Glavine. For Randolph to say that he took Heilman out because he wanted to make sure he would be available for Tuesday game against the Phillies, is an insult to Mets fans intelligent. You might get away with that pap in the South Bronx, but bullshit won�t fly in Flushing. Then to make the situation worse, you take out your most effective reliever and you bring in the worst guy in your pen. If your going to commit to take out Heilman then you have to go with either Bell, Hernandez or even Danny Graves not Mike DeJean. Please!!!! Now with all that, I�m not ready to jump on this DUMP WILLIE bandwagon that seems to gathering steam, there are qualities that Randolph has that I find admirable. The Mets are in a bad tailspin, 1-5 in what was the soft spot of the twelve game road trip and the streaking Phillies and Highlanders next on the list of opponents. There seems to be no panic in Randolph (DeJean for Heilman was a dumb move not a panic move) and the team seems to be responding to him. As long as that nasty member of the team �One Mets Said� does not rear his ugly head in the papers then you know Willie still has control of the team. When he was asked about having a team meeting he brushed it off as we all know calling a team meeting means your out of ideas. But the biggest move that Randolph made this weekend was when he called Dougie Eyechart into his office and in essence told him to shut his pie hole about being benched. When Eyechart was asked about the meeting, he told the media it was nobody�s business but his and Willie�s. Keeping Meinky quite is a major accomplishment. Randolph still does things that piss me off like the handling of David Wright in the lineup, (By the way, David Wright�s catch Saturday night was better than Jeter�s against the Old Towne Team. Wright dove into the stands to catch the ball, whereas Jeter caught the ball and THEN dove into the stands for theatrical purposes) his handling of the bullpen, his having Mikey P catch during inter-league games in AL parks instead of DH�ing and his hard headedness, but all in all I think it is very premature to be calling for Randolph�s head. One thing Randolph needs to do this weekend is the first time he�s questioned about coming back to the Bronx and how does it feel and what are your memories and yada, yada, yada, he needs to put an end to these When you were a Highlander question and tell the media �Look I�m no longer a (Highlander) I�m a Met and quite frankly I could care less about what the (Highlanders) are doing. All I know is my team needs to get some wins and if you want to know about the other team then go ask their manager�. The biggest rap against Randolph when he got the Mets job was not his lack of managerial experience but that he was a life long Highlander. Even though Casey Stengel, George Weis, and Yogi Berra were Highlanders who came to the Mets in prominent position of power, they were never frowned upon as Randolph is. Until Willie buries his Highlander past Mets fans will never warm up to him. Why is it so hard for Omar to put Beltran, Cameron and Matsui on the DL? It�s ridiculous to keep playing three players short every game. Cameron hasn�t played in over a week, Beltran is not right at all as that quad injury has taken away his speed and his ability to generate power, and Matsui if we go by last year when his back spasms took a couple of months to heal should be ready by mid August. The folks at Metsaholic are looking for a few good Mets fans to help lend their experinces as long time suffers of the Orange and Blue take a look at this message: We are working on a Mets documentary and we would like to interview with some die hard fans. We want all ages and races. We are primarily looking for people who live and breathe the Mets and want to share some of their wacky stories with us. Mets families are a plus and Metsaholics are key. If you'd like to suggest someone than just drop us an email. Also, if you know of any Mets events going on other than the game let us know. Please reply to METSAHOLIC322@YAHOO.COM for more information. Thanks! (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |