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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"MEET THE NEW METS" The Mets drafted 16 players yesterday with an even 8-8 spilt in pitchers and positon players heres a bit of a brekadown on who and what postions the Mets went after. PITCHERS RHP Mike Pelfrey LHP Jon Niese RHP Bobby Parnell RHP Ian Marshall RHP Daniel Martin LHP Eric Domangue RHP Pedro Beato RHP Eric Brown Pelfry we all know by now looks to be the top pitching prospect in the draft and from all the reports is if the Mets can get him signed (Boras Client Alert!!!!) he could be the steal of the draft. Niese is a high schooler who has a problem with control and command which are defiently fixable. He throws a fastball in the mid 80's and also lays claim to the abilty to throw a breaking ball (slider) but he could be leaning toward going to University of Cincinnati. He's probably better off just signing and letting the Mets coaches work with him. The college thing could be for signing leverage. There is not much info on the other pitchers but Parnell and Brown are college guys, Domangue is a JUCO player and Marshall, Martin and local product Beato (Xaverian High School in Bay Ridge Brooklyn) are High School guys. Then the Mets went out and cornered the market on catchers. Drew Butera, son of former major leaguer Sal Butera, is a guy I am very happy they drafted. In the scouting reports in Baseball America Butera looks to be a soild defensive catcher who could bring some offense. His strong point though is his defense and that's what you want first and foremost in your backstop. Mike Piazza's come along every fifty years or so. The one pick I can't figure out is in the fourth round they picked Hector Pellot from the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy. The scouting reports say he's either a second baseman or shortstop but he has trouble with his hands and his bat needs work so this kid is a major project but to pick him in the fourth round seems kind of high. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |