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Monday, June 06, 2005

�IT�S SUMMERTIME IN NEW YORK AND I GOT A DOG IN THE FIGHT� Finally, the hot weather has hit NYC and the New York Mets are 1 game out of first place. The NL East race is tighter than a crab�s ass as every team is playing over .500 ball and a game and half separates the first place Nationals (YIKES) and the bottom feeding Fish. Sure we�re a flawed team but hell, the rest of the division members are nothing to write home about even our archenemies the Braves. Of course with a couple of tweaks and a bold move here and there, the Mets may be New York�s only chance to be involved in playoff baseball this fall. The first tweak seems to be made already by Willie Randolph (Speaking of Randolph if someone can explain what the hell he was he was doing double switching in game 1 yesterday with David Wright coming out of the game please enlighten me) as Miguel Cairo is the starting second baseman and Dougie Eye Chart is on the verge of losing his job. Cairo should be back in the starting line up tomorrow when the Falling �Stros come to town and Chris Woodward could be anchored at first base as well. As great a glove as Eye Chart possesses, you can�t keep a .200 hitter with no pop and just 21 RBI in 160 AB�s. I still say you could steal Sean Casey from the Reds. There is no reason for Carlos Beltran to be on the field if he�s still hurting. With Victor Diaz on the roster and Cliff Floyd�s bat heating up again and Mike Cameron playing as well as he is why are the Mets insisting on playing Beltran as all he seems to talk about is how his leg is still sore? Let him go on the 15 day DL and get it better. Now that bad wheel had no bearing on his awful attempt in the sixth inning of game 1. It had nothing to do with the sun either he turned the wrong way and could not right himself. Even if he did it would have been a very difficult catch but it also would have been the third out and the game would have been still tied at 1-1. Instead it was a ground rule double and a run scored to make it 2-1 Giants and the roof then caved in on Kaz Ishii. In Ken Davidoff� baseball column in NEWSDAY today, he touches on how Mets fans should keep the booing to a minimum and be happy with this new and improved team. For the most part I�d say Mets fans are pleased with the team. This team is much improved in ability and attitude and Willie Randolph should be commended for bringing back professionalism and for having his team prepared to play. One area that Willie is deficient is in it�s the X�s and O�s especially yesterday when he double switched with David Wright coming out of the game. Where was Sandy Alomar Sr. to set Willie straight? Davidoff also touches on the treatment Kazuo Matsui gets at home and how Dougie Eye Chart for the most part has been saved from the crowd�s wrath. Let�s be honest I don�t think there is anyone out there fan, media member, manager, GM or Owner who thinks that Matsui deserves to play everyday. In fact Omar Minaya was on WFAN on Friday and said that Willie plays who he feels is the best player for the job, contract status be damned! Matsui so far in his brief Mets career has not shown that he can do anything that contributes in a positive way to the Mets. Add in that the build up that was given to the Mets that he was an All-Star caliber player who was so good that Jose Reyes would be moved to second base to accommodate him and to have him be a complete bust well what do you expect the fans to do cheer? Now Meinky I think endears himself with the fans with his honesty (�Write it in your papers, I suck!) and he does wield a mean piece of leather at first base so there is some positive influence made by Meinky. But the crowd will put up with that .205 avg for only so long and looks like Randolph is about at that point as well as Chris Woodward will be seeing an increase of playing time at first base. Yours truly was invited to a Mets Bloggers Round Table over at click over a take a gander Thanks to the guys at MetsGeek for the invite. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |