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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

'IT GETS LATE EARLY" here are the NL East standings as of today: Nats 38-27 .585 Phillies 36-29 .554 2GB Marlins 32-30 .516 4 1/2 GB Braves 33-31 .516 4 1/2 GB METS 32-32 .500 5 1/2 GB .500 the Mets just can't get away from the break even number. After last night if the whole team manger and coaches included are not embarrassed then they have no shame at all. It's bad enough to get beat by the A's but to lose to Joe Blanton is down right disgusting. I watched this guy pitch a few weeks ago against the D-Rays (My Kazmir fix) and he did not look anything like a major league pitcher. My God the guy game into last nights game with a 1-6 record and an ERA over 6 so what does he do he shuts out the Mets. A few items on last night. I think it's time to put some heat on Carlos Beltran. The guy has been given time to adjust to playing in NYC and it's time to produce. His error last night and the error he mad over the weekend are inexcusable. Those errors were made either due to his leg still hurts or down right laziness. He has not hit a home run in a non-Petey start and he ONE stolen base. I'm not even going to talk abut all the dead presidents he's receiving but he was brought in here to make a difference and so far he hasn't. If his leg hurts to where he can't di what it is he does then go on the DL and get better. As it is now Beltran is a non contributor to the Mets. Mike Cameron was an iron man (like Kazuo Matsui) before he came to the Mets. Now he's as brittle as a cheap vase. Victor Diaz it seems would sweep out the stadium just to play in a game. Yesterday he took ground balls at first base and said he could play there today. The guy is willing and able to do whatever it takes to get out there and with this team impotent on offense Willie Randolph has to find a place for Diaz's bat. I'm getting sooooooo tired of typing this but Willie please I'm begging you get Mikey P out of the 5 hole and move David Wright up. Also enough Eye Chart maybe you can sit down with Cliffy Floyd and tell him it's time to take one for the team and take over at first base. Enough of Mike DeJean as well. I don't have the strength to go on an Aaron Heilman rant. Welcome to the Mets Danny Graves who made his Mets debut last night. Miguel Cairo went down with a re-injury of his hammy. Put him on the DL (Have you ever seen a team that hates to put players on the DL like the Mets?) and bring up Jeff Keppinger. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) -- < |