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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

�ICE, ICE, BABY� He�s back by unpopular demand. Gerald �ICE� Williams� number was called by Omar as the Mets GM did a little shuffle that could be filed under the good news-bad news file. The good news, Kaz Matsui is on the DL. No I�m not reveling in his pain but finally someone who�s hurt is on the DL. Then Omar gave Mike De Jean, �De Boot� and I�m sure he spoke to Willie Randolph about brining in your worst reliever when the game is on the line. Now the bad news, because Jeff Keppinger is out with a knee injury, Omar went with an extra outfielder as Mike Cameron is hurt and can�t play but for reason known only to the Mets front office, he�s not on the DL. Problem is he brought up the wrong outfielder. Either Eric Valent and Ron Calloway would have been the best choice to bring up (I�d bring up Calloway) but Omar went with the last guy I thought I�d ever see again in a Mets uniform in Ice Williams. I don�t get the explanation by Minaya for bringing Williams either: [Omar Minaya said he preferred Williams because Eric Valent is "not doing that great" since joining Norfolk, and because Williams can be used to pinch-run and as a defensive replacement and has "experience in the clubhouse."] Experience in the clubhouse? How? Serving the post game buffet? Washing uniforms? What the hell does he add to the clubhouse? Then Omar activated LHP/base running specialist Mr. Koo from the DL who is Mike DeJean but from the left side. After yesterday�s Bash Willie Day, Lee Jenkins has a piece in the NY Times today on what essentially is Randolph�s strong suit, teaching and nurturing young talent. Jenkins goes over the relationship between Willie and Jose Reyes with whom he meets with every day and goes over the positives and negatives of the previous game. All this attention is not lost on Reyes: [I feel a lot more comfortable having someone like Willie who will talk to me about baseball and explain things to me that I don't know," said Reyes, who is batting .260 with a .281 on-base percentage. "He tells me about how the game is supposed to be played, about how to do this and do that. I know I have things to work on."] Jenkins goes on to say how the Mets signed Reyes as a 16 year old and pushed him through the minor league system at light speed. Hopefully all the Fire Willie guys will read this and understand you have to give Willie a chance here. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |