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Thursday, June 30, 2005

�HEY WILLIE, A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS� I read the quotes this morning by Willie Randolph on how the fans and media are not going to tell him what to do with Ishii and I was laughing my ass off: [I'm not going to talk to you guys about making changes on a pitcher until I talk to a pitcher on my own," said Met manager Willie Randolph, who asserted Ishii remains in the rotation. "You guys are looking for his head or whatever. I'm not going to give you that. "You can write your story the way you want. But the bottom line is, if or when we decide to do anything along those lines, we'll decide to do that. "No timetable, no timeframe, no big announcement, we'll just reevaluate as we go." ] If you watched the game on TV you saw the utter disgust on Randolph�s face when Ishii walked his third batter in the third inning. If Willie had a blood pressure meter on his arm it would have been 200/300 as he grabbed the bullpen phone a screamed GET ME HEILMAN!!!! Now I don�t want to get all Tim McCarver on you but if you have Heilman warming in the pen why not bring him in? OK you let Ishii pitch to the lefty Thome but then when David Bell hits a two-run single why not yank Ishii then. Again why is Heilman warming up if your not going to use him there? So now you leave Ishii in to pitch to Chase Utley to have the lefty-lefty match up but if Ishii can�t find home plate with a map what�s the sense? We all know what happened next and then Willie brings in Heilman. After you�ve tried to baby Ishii maybe it was swift kick in the ass time and yank him after the third walk? This is not the minors where you try to instill some confidence in a player plus Ishii has been around the block on two continents he knows the score, produce or be cut loose. I�ll be shocked; SHOCKED I tell you, if Ishii makes his next start in five days. �DESPERATE TIMES IN THE BRONX� The bottom line on this Cameron-Sheffield let�s make a deal is the Highlanders are a desperate organization. From reading the Klappers view of things, it was Pee Wee Cahsman you imitated the first dance. It seems he came to Omar during the last series and brought up that he had a woody for Cameron. In fact, the Klapper claims if the Mets would have won Sunday�s game the deal would have gone through. I don�t believe Minaya would have made this deal even though Sheffield in the middle of the Mets line up would have made Frank Robinson resign, had Bobby Cox rocking like Uncle Leo. Made Jack McKeon look forward to canasta games at the home, and have Charlie Manuel eh,eh, I don�t know what old� Uncle Charlie would have done but it would not have been pleasant. A move like this would even have Tony LaRussa jumping off the team bus for a long walk. In other words, it would have sent tremors through the National League. But it still a deal I would not make. The reason? The douche bag factor. Sheffield suffers from that. As soon as he heard the rumor what�s the first thing out of his mouth �I�m not going to no new team, and I made sacrifices to play for the (Highlanders) meaning he deferred money, then he took a veiled shot at A-Fraud when he said guys here making big money would never do what I did. He then amended his comments about not reporting as I� sure his agent pointed out to him that if you don�t show up you don�t get paid. Remember this deferred money that Sheffield bitches and moans about was negotiated in his contract by�Gary Sheffield. As I say the douche bag factor is in place here. I�m not saying that Cameron can not and should not be traded, au contrie, now is the time to move him as his value will never be as high and after next year he will be going, going gone, to a place where he can call center field home. I have never been a Mike Cameron fan but after reading this I couldn�t care if he was hitting .400 with 30 home runs, I�d jettison his ass somewhere else fast: [While Sheffield was issuing warnings here, the usually boisterous Cameron was mostly silent with reporters at Shea Stadium before last night's game against the Phillies. Cameron, who requested and received a Yankees cap during last year's interleague games, said he knew nothing about the trade discussions and deferred questions to General Manager Omar Minaya.] What balls!!! Why don�t you just take Mr. Met hostage and videotape it you fucking traitor. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |