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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"EXTREME MAKEOVER WITH THE SKILL SETS" Let me be up front here. I'm anti-Olympics in NYC and I'm anti-West Side Stadium but without those two, there is no new stadium for the Mets. So I give a big thank you to two schmucks errr...... gentlemen, Woody Johnson and Dollar Dan Doctoroff whose ridiculous posturing for two things the majority of tax paying New Yorkers are against helped the Skill Sets waltz in and get what they wanted. City and State money to help make Metstown come to life. I've gone through this many times, sure the place has great memeories but Shea has been long past it's peak. A part of me will be emotional when the joint is imploded but I'll get over it fast as a new and improved ball park makes it way. It's been a long time coming. I've said it over and over again you have to LOVE baseball to watch a game at Shea Stadium. Either that or you love corridors where you walk shoulder to sweaty shoulder with fellow fans and the smell of raw sewage and the most uncomfortable seats not owned by the NYC Tranist Authority are a fetish of yours. If not quite candidly Shea is a dump. Don't get too worried about the Mets playing in Highlander Park for the 2012 season as I have a better shot of spending a day in a hot tub with Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba than NYC does of getting the 2012 Olympics. What is the saving grace with the new ballpark is it looks like Freddie Skill Sets has gotten over his mutil-event, multi-fields, retractable roof stadium. It looks as though it will be a nice open air ballpark that will seast 45,000 for baseball with the abilty to convert to an 80,000 seat stadium if the Olympics ever come to NYC. So who pays for all this? The Skill Sets will pay the bulk of the freight by either taking on a couple of partners (Time Warner and Comcast come to mind first) and of course there are the very lucrative name rights to help off set the cost. Of course in a perfect world, the ball park would be named after Jackie Robinson but as we all know the world a'int perfect. The State and City will kick in for the always popular infrastructure improvments and in a strange way the city would be saving money as it has to cost more for all the blue paint the city goes through every off season to paint Shea that it will cost to build a new parking lot. Also it will signal the end of the chop shops across the street in Willets Pt known as the Iron Triangle. I know this area too well as the city agency I work for goes on raids there often to issue summonses from every thing to working without proper permits and other illegal activity. So when you here these guys screaming about the goverment taking advantage of them it's a bunch of bullshit. Instead of the chop shops and flooding the city sewer system with harmful chemicals these places will be replaced by restaurants, bars and shops which will be for the better of the neighborhood. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |