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Thursday, June 16, 2005

�6 � BACK AND FADING FAST� Yes, I would have brought in Roberto Hernandez in to start the ninth as Royce Ring did his job in the eighth inning plus the fact that leading off the ninth was Bobby Keilty who kills left handed pitching. But that�s not what cost the Mets last night or has cost them losses in six of the last seven games no what has cost the Mets is the inability to get a hit with men on base. The Mets rank in the bottom of the major leagues in hitting with men on base. The heart of the batting order (with the exception of Cliff Floyd) has killed this offense. Carlos Beltran is either hurt more the he or the team is letting on or his adjustment to playing for a new team is taking longer than usual but which ever it he need to get on track like today before the season spins out of control. Mike Piazza has no right to be hitting fifth in the order as Willie Randolph�s thought process is a bit skewed as Piazza get rewarded not for what he is capable of doing today but for his offensive contributions of the past and David Wright gets no reward for his fine hitting because it�s his first full season and he �needs to pay his dues� Piazza should be batting no higher than sixth. Randolph has decided he will tweak the lineup by putting Mike Cameron in the lead off spot and moving Jose Reyes to the two spot. But why stop there. How about letting Wright get the three hole for awhile with Floyd at four and Beltran at five (I would even think about Beltran at lead off but it seems this leg injury has cut down on his speed so until then I�d drop him down to five or even up to two) Piazza sixth (by default) Anderson/Woodward seventh (notice no Matsui at second but you know Randolph will play him everyday until Cairo comes off the DL. It�s up to Matsui to seize the day!) and either Doug Eye Chart or the newly called up Brian Daubach (Jeff Keppinger was not called up because (a) he fouled a ball off his leg and sat out last nights game with Norfolk and (b) with Anderson, Woodward and Matsui on the roster second base is covered.) batting eighth. Still the bottom third with Dougie M, Matsui and the pitcher spot are three automatic outs. Last year at this time the Mets were just one game better than their record today (31-34 in 2004 and 32-33 as of last night) and with the state of the offenses as it is the Mets have reached a fork in the road that by the end of this road trip could determine if Omar Minaya is a buyer or seller come July. Work those phones Omar, work those phones!!!!! Listing to Willie Randolph with Eddie (Grey Goose) Coleman on Mets Extra before today�s Mets-A�s game he said he would put Mike Cameron in the lead off spot with Reyes in the two hole. That�s fine but the problem is Cameron is hurt. His finger is in a splint and his leg is hurting but as it seems to be team policy the Mets have not disabled him. So it�s bad enough the team can�t score runs it also plays with 24 men. Lost in last night killer loss (How about that Marco Scutaro, long time readers know how much of a fan I was of Scutaro and said the Mets would rue the day they let him get away on waivers) was another strong outing by Victor-y Zambrano. Maybe guys like me who have such a man crush on Scott Kazmir will owe Victor-y and Professor Rick Peterson an apology sooner than later. Not only do the Highlanders steal our thunder with their announcement of their new ballpark but the have plans and pictures of Highlander Stadium to show off. Where were the Skill Sets with their model of the remake of Ebbetts Field that Freddie Skill Sets brought out about five or six years ago? Are the plans in a storage center in Flushing or are they up in Freddie�s attic in Manhasset? Com�on show me a blueprint for our new palace for Christ sake. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |