The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, May 26, 2005

�WILLIE PRESSES THE PANIC BUTTON� I have been impressed by Willie Randolph�s steady way of doing business so far this season. In fact I even felt he reminded me of Gil Hodges a bit in the way he handle the team. Well that comparison went out the window last night as Randolph may have had his worst night of the season as Mets skipper. I�m still scratching my head on why he brought Carlos Beltran off the bench to pinch hit for Meinky in the seventh inning. Just as I mentioned last night Beltran said on the Mets pre game show, that the doctors said it would take about three weeks to fully recover from this tightness in his thigh. As we watched Beltran limp up to the plate and then watched him swing without any torque from his lower body you�d have to be blind not to see that Beltran belongs on the DL. If the Mets would have made the right move and DL�ed Beltran last night it would have been retro active to last Sunday, making him eligable to come off the list by next Saturday. Now if you put him on the DL by letting him hit last night then the earliest Beltran could return is June 9th. Mind boggling. Another non-move that Randolph for some reason only he knows, has not moved David Wright up in the batting order. Marlon Anderson is a terrific pinch hitter but there is no way in hell he should be batting higher than Wright. Willie also has to stop with this the old guys have done it before so I�m sticking with them crap. I have news for Willie, while he was toiling for the Bronx Robber Baron, I guess he hadn�t notice that Mike Piazza has been in decline for the last two seasons. Piazza has been less than the Hall of Famer player we all know and love. Ever since he tore his groin in 2003 he has not been the same offensive force. At 35 going on 36 years of age it�s highly doubtful we will ever see that kind of offensive production form Mikey ever again, and his attempts in trying to throw out runners last night was embarrassing. It�s bad enough bouncing the ball to second but when you can�t reach third base, and teams are now running like it�s the last leg of the 3X100 relay, then management has to look at the situation. Don�t forget, Omar tried very hard to ship Mikey out to baseball�s assisted living quarters also known as the American League but found no takers. So to think that Mike should get to keep the important slots of 4 or 5 in the lineup is ludicrous. The next thing Willie needs to address is Cliff Floyd is now staring to pull the Richard Lewis act that Meinky did: [But he (Floyd) plans to speak with manager Willie Randolph today about his current slump, which has him in a 7-for-64 dive after last night's 0-for-4 performance in the 3-0 loss to the Braves. "I'll be there early, talk to him and see what his plan is," Floyd said. "Things aren't going well. It's just not happening for me right now." But when told of Floyd's feelings yesterday afternoon, Randolph's response was essentially this: Is Floyd nuts? "He's in a slump, is he?" Randolph said. "He's my fourth or fifth hitter, so he's going to stay where he is."] Are these guys this fragile emotionally that when they get in a slump they�re ready to bail? What happen to the great motavation book Floyd was reading that helped him get off to his great start? Willie needs to nip this �woe is me� bullshit that Meinky started and Floyd has picked up, in the bud right now. I have never seen such a delicate bunch. You would think they�d be ready to go out and play as hard as ever and find any way they can to score some runs but they don�t. Instead of crying like a bunch of babies Floyd and Mienky need to grow some balls. The New Mets are starting to be like New Coke. A must read is this latest entry by Darren Viola. You know and love him as Repoz of Baseball Primer. This brought back some great memories when guys my age were into sex, drugs, rock n roll and baseball. No Playstations for us. < |