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Sunday, May 01, 2005

�WILD NIGHT IN THE NATIONS CAPITAL� The whole evening had the feel of the bar scene in �Star Wars� from the Mets starting pitcher, to the inept umpiring crew, to the Mets TV announcers and last put not least the RFK Stadium grounds crew. Let�s look at each of these disasters shall we: The Zambrano Project If there were ever a pitcher who looked like he was trapped in one of those bad dreams, where your naked in a room full of your relatives it�s The Zambrano Project. His uncomfortable look on the mound last night made me well, uncomfortable as well. Watching this guy pitch is like getting root canal every fifth day. Even Professor Rick looked like he was ready to throw in the towel on Zambrano as he just kind of shook his head in the dugout. The Zambrano Project added to one of the team negitives of this early season by giving up two runs in the first inning. No pitching staff in baseball (pro or amature) gives up as many first inning runs like the Mets. Then Zambrano went on to nail Jose Guillen twice with pitches (Has Mike Scioscia put out a bounty on Guillen?) and he walked 3, struckout 4, gave up 4 hits and 3 runs (all earned) in just 4 IP. With Kris Benson about 10 days away from joining the team off the DL and with Aaron Heilman showing signs as a late bloomer, The Zambrano Project is in trouble. I don�t know if he has options to be sent to Triple A Norfolk or if he has enough playing time to veto such a move but when Benson comes back I have to believe either by demotion or a stint on the 15 day DL with an injury (wink,wink)Zambrano will be the odd man out in the rotation. Mike Piazza Willie Randolph if anything has shown he won�t sit back and wait for things to happen. Last night, he knocked Mikey P down a notch to 5th in the batting order and moved the scortching Cliff Floyd up to the clean up spot. Forget that is of course the right move to make but think of a neophyte manager making this move to drop a Hall of Fame player down in the order, essentially telling him �Mike you ain�t what you used to be�. In some areas Piazza is praised for being a team guy and taking this demotion like a pro. What else could he do? He�d look like a horses ass if he bitched about it. Let�s face fact, this is not the Mikey we all knew and loved. Years of squatting has taken it�s toll on Piazza as have the injuries of the last couple of years. To me fifth in the order is still too high, in reality seventh in the order is a better spot for him. Mets TV Announcers I hate having games on WPIX 11. Dave O�Brien is an OK announcer but I look at him as an interloper. He does national games on ESPN and every weekend he parachutes into the Mets TV booth and that makes him more of an eavesdropper than a play by play guy. Tom Seaver knows more about the finer points of baseball than either you or I will ever know but I don�t get the feeling he follows the game and it�s players very closely. He did however make a great point about everyone up in arms over Jose Reyes not drawing a base on balls this year. We tend to forget that the 23 year old Reyes has not played a full season of major league baseball. Last season with all his leg injuries and the way the organization nearly ruined him by trying to change the way he runs, there comes a time to let Reyes be Reyes. He is a very aggressive player both offensively and defensivly and you just have to let him grow as a player. Let the �stat geeks� worry about his OBA. That brings me to Ralph Kiner. Bless old Ralphies heart as he is the last of the greatest trio of Mets broadcasters ever as he and Murph and Lindsay Nelson are beyond approach. But Ralph is on the back nine of life and he lives very nicely in Palm Springs but like old Uncle Johnny, I�ve heard all the war stories three, four and five times over and I�m getting tired of acting like I�m interested. The only thing worse that hearing these old Kiner stories for the umpteenth time is Francis the Talking Horse�s Ass (a/k/a Fran Healy) egging Ralph on to tell them. The Umpires and The Ground Crew When you tune into a baseball game the last thing you want to hear is �....and the crew chief of the staff �Country� Joe West is at third.....� UGH! Country Joe was at his inept best last night as he proved he�s too stupid to get in from the rain. The infield was so full of water that there was a report of trout going up stream near third base. How Country Joe does not get either a reprimand or a well earned suspension over his in activity in getting that field covered is beyond me. Look at it this way both teams were pissed off as Frank Robinson got tossed form the game for telling the umpires that they were assholes and Willie Randolph has protested the game for the inability of the grounds grew to cover the infield properly. Speaking of the RFK grounds crew, were they hanging out with Marion Barry before the game last night? My god, did you ever see such a rag tag group? If the Mets were not involved in this fiasco I would have been laughing my ass off over these guys trying to figure out how a tarp goes on a field. Hey guys don�t quit your day job squeeging windshields on the streets of D.C. (to leave a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |