The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, May 19, 2005

�WHOOP-DEE-DAMN-DO� Those words made famous by ledgenady NBA slacker, Derick Coleman are my exact feelings about this weekends inter-league-Subway Series-glorified Mayor�s Trophy Game or whatever you like to call it. My sights are set on the next four games after this weekends with the Braves and Fish as those series will tell us if we Mets fans have a baseball summer. Really will you be happy if the Mets slay the hated Highlanders in three stragight and then go (GULP!) 2-5 in the next seven games? I didn�t think so. Don�t get me wrong I would love for the Mets to give those filthy Highlanders a well desevered ass whipping but the hype surrounding these games wants to make me puke. The Mets took the series last year and what good did it do the Mets? Our season was over at that point. This year the Mets have bigger fish to fry and it starts with the seven games next week with the two teams they have to beat. Boy did Manny Aybar pick the wrong time to pitch like shit. With the decision to keep Scott Strickland or cut him loose coming down to the wire and Everyday Koo-LOOGY starting to fit his role, it could come down to The Zambrano Project and Manny Aybar as the odd man out on the pitching staff. < |