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Friday, May 27, 2005

�WHAT�S THE FREQUENCY WILLIE� So the Mets went out and beat a broken down valise of a pitcher in Frank Castilo and we�re supposed to jump thru hoops. The big story of the night was why in a 10-0 game would Willie Randolph send up Kazuo Matsui to pinch hit? Matsui is now out with his third bullshit injury in the last two seasons Last year was back spasms that lasted a month and a half, then so far this year he missed games because he scratched his cornea with a contact lenses and now he�s missed five games because he slept funny and hurt his neck. Mind you, this guy played in 1,143 consecutive games in Japan and now all of a sudden he can�t make a full month of the schedule. What this tells me is Kazuo can�t take the pressures of playing America and especially NYC. To be straight here I think he scared shit to play here. He is rattled by the boos and it has effected his playing. In the NY Times today there is a story that Omar had contacted Kevin Towers in San Diego about Matsui but the Pads have not given indication they�re interested. But it does tell you that Omar would like to ship this defective import out of town. I know I�m obsessing on this Matsui/Beltran situation but it just seems to me it�s not being handle the right way by both Willie and Omar. The other night Beltran said he was close to returning but the doctors said it could take about three weeks to heal fully. Matsui�s �injury� makes no sense at all but if he says he�s still hurting then disable his ass. Why would Willie use both of these players as pinch hitter when they could have retroactively put both of them on the DL? And don�t tell me that Matsui gets his job back when he decides to grow some onions and rejoin the team. I just got finished reading Jon Heyman�s story on Mike Piazza and it left me shaking my head. Most of the piece centers on Piazza bitching about being tired and run down. It�s only two months into the season and he beat up and tired WOW!: [Physically, I feel like I'm getting everything out of my body right now," Piazza said. Piazza also is frustrated about suggestions he and Pedro Martinez couldn't team together when he rested several days Martinez started. He said he needs to "choose my days to kind of recuperate" and is hoping to "have gas in the tank" should the Mets be in the race. "I try to do the best I can defensively. But when I'm tired and worn down and the age I'm at, there's no question it's going to take its toll," he said. "I can't perform at the level I did 10 years ago. I still feel like I can be a contributing factor. But sometimes it might be the best thing [to sit], for the club and for me, in that order. It's definitely not an excuse. It's just a fact." He was surprised to play all three games against the Yankees. While he's asked out a couple of times, that is no option now, with Carlos Beltran out of the lineup and backup catcher Ramon Castro out altogether.] Mikey sounds like a guy ready to put in the retirement papers there. It�s pretty shocking to say the least. It�s like he�s ready to give up. The stories the last couple of days in the papers have to give Omar a jolt to make some moves. First, Meinky was talking like he was ready to slit his wrist then Cliffy sounded of like he needed either a couch or Prozac and now Mike sounds like he�s suffering from the realization that the end is near of a glorious career. Either Omar needs to make a big move via trade or he needs to hire a top notch therapist (ask A-Fraud for a referral) and Willie needs to start motivating some of these guys a little more to get them some confidence because you don�t to face Frank Castillo every night. �WHAT�S YOUR FUCKIN� PROBLEM MAN�? Those were the words uttered by a local TV reporter here in NYC named Arthur Chi�en. Chi�en was doing a live remote in Midtown Manhattan for the WCBS2 New York news last week when two guys from the Opie and Anthony radio show were antagonizing him during his report. Chi�en thought he was off the air when he turned around and yelled at his tormentors �What�s your fuckin� problem man�? For that, WCBS fired Chi�en. Un-fuckin�- believeable. Chi�en is a good reporter who covers the city�s transit system and made his bones at NY1. He�s a born and raised New Yorker and he knows the streets so to get fired for saying Fuck at 6 in the morning when he didn�t know he was on air is just ridiculous. Chi�en, when he came back on the air apologized for using the �F� word and as far as I know no one complained about him using it. In fact if anyone in this city ever complained about someone saying Fuck in public they would have to be the biggest hypocrits on earth. The word fuck is used by at least 75 % of all the citizens of this city and it�s use everyday including Sunday. It�s to the point where the word has no shock value at all. So Chi�en gets the boot for saying Fuck and Sid Rosenberg of WFAN said something that was much more offensive than telling a couple of dolts to fuck off and he still has a job. Rosenberg�s demons have been well chronicled, as have his racist and homophobic comments he spewed on the Imus in the Morning program. But last week he hit a low even by his sub terrainian standards. After a story about singer Kylie Minogue who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, one of the Imus crew said how pretty Minogue is. Sid then chimed in �well let�s see how good she looks bald and without a tit� Now someone with any kind of authority at WFAN or Infinity Broadcasting should have come thru the studio door and grab Rosenberg by the neck, taken him to the front door and put foot in his ass and told him to never darken this doorway again. Instead FAN relieved him of his duties on Imus but let him keep his gig with Joe Benigno from 10-1. Now you tell me how is it fair that a hard working reporter like Chi�en gets canned for uttering a curse word and Rosenberg degrades not only a woman with cancer but makes another of his many reprehensible comments and gets to keep working. Something is wrong there. (to leave a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |