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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

�WAS THERE A THRID CATCHER IN THE GRASSY KNOLL�? [What, you think this is some kind of conspiracy, guys?" Willie Randolph, the Mets' manager, said with an upraised brow.] So says Willie Randolph on the subject on Mike Piazza being �banged up� the last three times (fourth in the last 5 Pedro starts) that Petey has been the Mets starting pitcher. The reason everyone is screaming �cover-up� is because that�s just what the Mets are doing. Why not just tell everyone what we already know, Petey doesn�t like throwing to Mikey and prefers Ramon Castro to be his battery mate. It would make Willie�s life easier if he just said the truth. It doesn�t seem that Mikey is too hurt by this: [If I'm not 100 percent ready, it's not fair to catch Pedro or anyone else," Piazza said. "And it wouldn't matter to me if Mart�nez wanted Castro to catch him. It's about team, about long-term, and about winning. I know I'll catch him in the future."] It�s obvious Petey does not feel comfortable pitching to Piazza and it seems Piazza has a problem catching Petey�s wicked stuff and at this point in the sunset of his catching career why not just let Castro be Petey�s Man Friday? Then we have this quote from Francis the Talking Horse�s Ass, who for some reason, Ira Berkow felt he had to get the Horse�s Ass� two-hooves in: ["It's a bunch of malarkey that a pitcher like Pedro needs a special catcher," said Fran Healy, a Mets television announcer and a former big league catcher. "Any major league catcher can catch a great pitcher, like Pedro. You tell me that any catcher really made a difference when Seaver was pitching, or Koufax, or Marichal? I don't think so"] This from a guy who saw more pine than a casket maker. �REPORT FROM THE FLUSHING INFIRMARY� Kris Benson threw in a bullpen session down in St. Lonesome yesterday and if he wakes up today painless, he will be on target to pitch Thursday against the Phillies. Mike Cameron is ready to play in Norfolk tonight and looks to be ready for activation by this weekend against Milwaukee. Kaz Ishii has shown some improvement from his sore lat muscle but no date has been mentioned for his return. �KAZMIR A VICTIM OF ABANDONMENT� Scott Kazmir pitched as well as you could and still lose a game last night against the Highlanders. Kazmir struck out 9 and walked just 2 and was charged with 1 earned run in 6 innings of work. The biggest culprit was rightfielder Damon Hall who was just called up form Triple A yesterday, dropped a routine fly ball in right that was hit by Rey Sanchez who came around to score when Sheffield doubled him home. Kazmir is going to haunt the Mets for a long long time. �LET�S JUST SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE SHOW� (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |