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Monday, May 16, 2005

�THE UPS AND DOWNS OF THE NEW YORK METS� I keep waiting for that big 7 or 8 game winning streak or that 8 of 10 rolling thunder that would help set up a big July and August of Mets baseball but all I�m getting is sea sick. This team is so up and down up and down that Dramamine should become a sponsor. WHEW! I love David Wright to death but David stop telling me �We�re a better team than this� because I subscribe to the Tao of Tuna (Bill Parcells for you non-football fans)�you are what your record says you are� and that record tells me the Mets are a mediocre team. Now I�m not ready to kill this team because unlike last year and I bet Cliff Floyd would agree with me, that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel but there are a few things that have me perturbed: Carlos Beltran has only 1 stolen base this season in 3 attempts. Who put the brakes on Carlos? Especially when Cliffy was hotter than a bootleg DVD, you would think Beltran would have shown a more aggressive mind set or has Willie reined him in? Jose Reyes has just swiped 7 bases. He has two annoying habits that drive me up a wall. The first one is he fakes a bunt just about every at bat. How about this Jose, being that you have an abominable .279 OBA! Maybe instead of faking it, LAY DOWN A FRIGGIN� BUNT ONCE IN A WHILE, WILL YA, let�s see, you get on base as often as Chris Russo makes sense and you are extremely fast and this team is in a run scoring drought, bunting should be a least number 2 on your list of things to do. Wearing a cup should number 1 or you�ll be known as Numb Nuts Reyes for the rest of your career. The second annoyance I have with young Jose is the same problem I have with about three kids on my little league team. Please stop jumping around the batters box. I�d like to do to Reyes what I�ve threatened to do to my kids and that�s nail their back foot to the back of the batters box. Reyes jumps around the box like his feet are on fire. Maybe if he planted that back foot and kept his head on the ball we�d see an improvement. The one thing on Reyes side is he�s young and very talent. If he�s still doing these things in 2 or 3 years then we have a problem. Thank God Dougie Eye Chart has a Gold Glove because his bat is made out of shit. .216/.333/.397 YUCK! The 6 homers look pretty good and the 15 RBI�s are not great but just OK, what�s stands out the most with Meinky is his paltry 3 doubles in 116 ab�s. That�s unacceptable and with Brian Daubach (.386/.448/.693) showing that Triple A cannot contain him, Meinky better straighten up or he�ll find himself out of a job. Shhhhhhh. Let�s just leave David Wright alone. .267/.380/.483 in his first full season in the bigs is as good as we all thought he�d be. The guy just shows up everyday with an Ernie Banks like attitude that you hope never wanes. Mets fans go a bit ga-ga over Reyes and his talent but if Reyes had just a quarter of the baseball sense that Wright has we�d be breathing down the Braves neck. Mikey, Mikey, Mikey where is the dangerous right handed bat I used to know? .207/.262/.413 are stunning. But what makes those digits even more mind boggling is he has struck out just 11 times in 121 ab�s. If Piazza were 26 instead of 36 we�d all say his timing is off and he just missing his pitch. But being 36 years of age the common thinking is his bat is slow, the injuries have taken it�s toll, he doesn�t have the reflexes he once had. It�s all speculation, as Piazza was and is a streak hitter, but the problem is the bad streaks are lasting longer than the hot streaks. It�s not just his hitting that�s slumped but his ability behind the plate has fallen from acceptable to awful. He could never throw out runners even in his prime but now runners are stealing on pitch outs. It doesn�t help that his throws get to second on more hops than a 32 oz Heineken but even his fielding behind the plate is sub par. It�s a shame really as Piazza is a defininte Hall of Famer but he seems to headed toward a Gary Carter like ending of his career. Who does Marlon Anderson have to kill to get some playing time around here? Why can�t Willie do a little platoon Anderson and our lemon of a Japanese import Kaz Matsui? Miguel Cairo can still get some time in at short and even at first base to keep himself sharp and an Anderson/ Matsui could be productive. I wish I knew why it�s so difficult for Omar and Willie to see what the pitching staff should look like? Petey Glavine Benson Heilman Ishii Those are your 5 starters and the best news of all is Steve Trachsel has said he�s on tract to come back by the All Star break and when you look at the calendar that�s two months away. I don�t know what�s more astonishing, that Trachsel could be back in two months or that I�m looking forward to Trachsel coming back to the team this season. Why is it embarrassing for Omar to send The Zambrano Project to the bushes? To me it�s more embarrassing to the organization to keep The Zambrano Project around just to prove the Kazmir exiling was worth it. Omar is on record as saying the Mets will go with their best 5 starters so if that�s the case send down Zambrano. The bullpen needs a face lifting as well. First off put Manny Aybar on waivers and bring up Scott Strickland. I was surprised by the quote from Willie Randolph I read this morning about all the hubbub over Strickland: [�The guy is not even here, �Randolph said. �What is it, like a big deal here with a guy who is in the minor leagues? Am I missing something here? He�s not even on the team yet. He�s in our organization�] Willie�s problem is he�s coming from a team where the fans are not exactly well versed in what goes on within the organization. Most of your modern Highlander fan goes to Models and buys his little New Era hat and hops aboard the bandwagon. As soon as stalwarts who led the team to championships like Bernie Williams and Mariano Rivera start to slip they are ready to run them out of town on a rail. Willie wants to know what the fascination is with Strickland, well from my little perch in Metsdom, I think about Derrick Trunbow of the Brewskis. Turnbow had Tommy John surgery two years ago like Strickland and was waived by the Angels and swooped up by Doug Melvin in Milwaukee and he is enjoying resurgence. It seems the magic of modern Tommy John surgery takes effect two years after the procedure and this is year two of Strickland�s recovery. The word out of Norfolk is that Strickland has not only regained velocity but he has been effective with his top pitch, the slider which made him a player to look at back in the day when the Expos were in business. At some point if Mr. Koo is to be the Great LOOGY of the Pacific he needs to get a few lefties out, don�t you think? Otherwise let�s bring up Royce Ring for a little more of a look see. I�ve done nothing but kill Mike Cameron here but today I�ve got to give him praise. Cameron has more than stepped up to the plate and in the field. When he was put in the 2 hole of the lineup he has learned to cut down on his swing, which in turn has cut his K rate. His play in RF has been terrific as well as he says the only ball he has trouble with is off left handed bats as it takes him a spilt second longer to pick up the ball off the bat. While Cameron has really stepped up big time, there may never be a better time to trade him. He�s not going to stay this hot forever, so if you can bolster the pen with moving him let�s listen to the bidders. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |