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Monday, May 23, 2005

TWO OUT OF THREE IS BAD� Not because it was the Highlanders because I don�t care if it were the Reds, the D-Rays or Bingo Long and the Traveling All Stars, losing 2 of 3 this weekend like the Mets did hurts. It really hurts. It hurts because the more you dwell on the games the more you can see that a sweep by the Mets was right there. But as we all know (as it�s been driven home ad nausea) the Mets gave away two games to the evil Highlanders. Let�s look at the three games shall we: Friday-I�ve decided to make a pact with myself that I will no longer watch any game The Zambrano Project pitches as a Met. It�s like sitting in the dentist�s waiting room and hearing the dental drill whirling away knowing that you�re next. A very uncomfortable feeling. Omar Minaya and Willie Randolph can spin Zambrano�s performances all they want but I have to think they are not stupid enough to believe the bullshit they put forth. You can�t keep running this guy out to the mound when he runs up a consistent 50/50 split in strikes to balls in his starts. Now I�m just sitting on couch watching this, imagine playing in back of this guy? Guys in the infield get back on their heels when you have a pitcher who has no clue where his pitches are going. You can�t keep sharp when your pitcher keeps running 2-0, 2-2, and 3-2 counts. It�s torture. First it was the drop from second in the order to eighth. Next it will be a seat on the bench for Kaz Matsui as patients are running thin in Mets land. Not just with the fans but the front office is starting to rumble as well: GM Omar Minaya has voiced support for Matsui recently, but stops short of promising he'll remain in the lineup. Those changes, the GM said, "are up to Willie [Randolph]. "I don't interfere in that stuff," Minaya said recently. "That's for the manager to decide."(form Bob Klapisch Saturday Bergen Record) There�s your out Willie, to play Cairo. How far do the Mets let Dougie Eye Chart go before they think about an upgrade at first base? Sure his glove is made of precious metal but his bat is flatter and flatter. With Brian Daubach�s lefty bat on fire in Norfolk it may signal the end of Eric Valent�s Mets career as Daubach fills the need of the left handed bat off the bench and it gives Willie the option over the slumping Meinky. Saturday-I don�t know what was the best part of Mr. Koo�s dramatic double. That is was hit off The Big Schmendrick or that it made McCarver look like a shithead. This was the 7-10 spilt of the weekend. By the way, Doofus Buck is back to pollute the airwaves for another baseball season. I don�t know what�s more annoying Buck�s unending minutia on TV or McCarver vying against Warner Wolf for the worst dye job by a male senior citizen. How about Dumbo Posada throwing The Big Schmendrick under the bus after saying TBS should have been covering the plate when Mr. Koo scored on the Reyes bunt. What a teammate! Back to Mr. Koo for a minute, after watching is so called at bat against Cincinnati how the hell did he ever get the bat on the ball against The Big Schmendrick? Not just the bat on the ball but a double to the deepest part of Shea. Go figure! Sunday-So when did Art Howe come back to town? Willie Randolph pulled an Artie from Queens with the bullpen yesterday when he brought in Iron Man Hernandez for the fifth straight game. Shades of Artie running Stormy Weathers out there everyday. I would have walked Godzilla and pitched to Bern Baby Bern but that�s a classic second guess I know but who knows if the Bernie and Iron Man Hernandez match up comes out differently? Where was Heath Bell (the real iron man of the pen)? Why not show Braden Looper how much confidence you have in him by bringing him in for a four out save? Does Willie know that his use of Iron Man Hernandez is a form of elder abuse? I�ll give Willie a pass here (second time this season. First was the dreaded mis double switch a month ago) but he�s got to get a better handle on this bullpen. Sure the Wright and Reyes errors were killers but it�s hard to kill these kids. In fact there is something about this team that even when they screw up as they did Friday and yesterday, I still feel very positive about the team. Unlike last year when I hated the teams guts. Now back to the regular baseball season. Three games against Atlanta and four against the Fish. We will know by Memorial Day what kind of Mets summer it will be. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |