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Monday, May 09, 2005

�TOM GLAVINE�S BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS� Sitting at lunch today listening to my iPod and reading the sports pages, the Green Day song Boulevard of Broken Dreams came on just when I was reading about the latest failure of Titan Tom Glavine. How much do theses lyrics fit Titan Tom like a glove: I'm walking down the line That divides me somewhere in my mind On the border line Of the edge and where I walk alone Read between the lines What's fucked up and everything's alright Check my vital signs To know I'm still alive and I walk alone I walk alone I walk alone I walk alone I walk a... My shadow's the only one that walks beside me My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me 'Til then I walk alone You could argue that The Zambrano Project is walking down the same lonely streets as Glavine but Glavine has been so successful and Zambrano has just sucked forever, so he really doesn�t know what he�s missing. Titan Tom came to the Mets for money, pure and simple but he also had that 4th year option thrown in because he craves 300 wins. I guess he feels 300 wins will stamp his first ballot ticket to Cooperstown and this point in his career money and enshrinement is all he wants. It�s that way of thinking that separates Glavine from the rest of this Mets team as we can see from the players reaction to yesterday�s loss that losing will not be accepted in Flushing anymore. Usually I kill Titian Tom after one of these much to frequent bad starts but after watching him carry on a conversation with home plate ump Jim Joyce where he did not show any anger but more of befuddlement on what he has to do these days to get strike calls it looks to me that Glavine has become somewhat a sympathetic figure. Now that�s not to say I wouldn�t dump him if I was Omar Minaya and had the chance to do it, but the guy claims he feels physically fine in fact he feels as strong as he ever has but he just can�t get the ball down and he can�t hit the corners and his biggest problem is the inability to change speeds enough to fool batters. Now Glavine gets very defensive when he heres the whispers that he�s done and should go off in the sunset but sometimes the truth hurt and it may be time for Randolph to waive his veteran exemption and yank him from games in the 4th or 5th inning if he can�t get the job done. Don�t worry about me criticizing you Willie, I still see Glavine as a Brave. It looked to me that Piazza made a strong throw and Miguel Cairo had his foot blocking second base when Junior Spivey slid into the base and second base ump Dana DeMuth called him safe. Very bad call. What was worse was Mike DeJean giving up a hit to J.J. Hardy, who so far this season can�t hit a baseball off a batting tee, hit a game winning single off DeJean who tried to but the blame on DeMuth�s bad call: [DeJean said, "Mike made a heck of a throw." But DeJean hinted that the ponderous pace of the game may have worked against the Mets. The game took 3 hours 12 minutes as both Glavine and the Brewers' starter, Chris Capuano, labored at times to throw strikes. "Any time it's late in the game and the game's dragging, they're going to call him safe," DeJean said.] Uhh Mike? I think it was more of your inability to get anyone out in a big spot than DeMuth�s botched call. Sure the call was bad but looking at your stats I would refrain for criticizing anyone. DeJean has been in 14 games and pitched 11.2 innings. He has 9K�s in those innings which is very good but he has also walked 9 batters and that�s very bad. You also cannot let a guy like Hardy hitting about .125 beat you, simple than that. Straighten up Mike, Royce Ring is a phone call away. (to post a comment, please click on the time of this post) < |