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Monday, May 30, 2005

"TOM GLAVINE FOR THE HALL OF FAME? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA" A Hall of Fame pitcher would have to have the ball pried from his hands in order to get him out of a game like yesterday's. Please don't feed me the line of bullshit that it was hot and humid and Glavine was tiring. Glavine had a pretty easy inning in the bottom of the 6th and in the 7th he knew the Fish had Delgado batting third. All the Mets needed was for him to grow some balls for one more inning and gut it out. This way Glavine's spot leads off the 8th so you have Marlon Anderson to lead off as a pinch hitterand then you have the bottom of the Fish order coming up and you have Hernadez or even better Heilman (more on him in a second) to set up Loopy for the save and a potetial of a four game sweep of a divsion rival and a winning record on the road trip and your on your way home to warm weather finnaly and a nice home stand. So as you see, there was a lot riding on this game. So what did Glavine do, he put Willie Randolph and Rick Peterson in a very bad spot: [They asked me when I came in, and I told them I was close," Glavine said. "I certainly could go back out there and try to get through another inning. Or if you want to send somebody out there fresh, I understand that, too." Listening to that, Willie Randolph's decision was easy, and he made the call to go with Heath Bell over Glavine for that fateful seventh inning. "He was on the edge," Randolph said. "I go by what he was telling me. I don't want to bring in a pitcher with men on base. I'd rather get him out of there if it's in a gray area. You don't want him to go through another heartbreaker. I'd rather have a fresh guy."] See this is where you seperate the good from the great. I was listing to the game on radio and Howie Rose and Eddie (Grey Goose) Coleman could not understand why Glavine was out of the game. From what some of my friends have told me Seaver was wigging a bit on the TV side as to why Glavine would come out of the game. From thoses quotes it seems to me Glavine begged out of the game. Now Glavine does not have the best relationship with Mets fans and this just makes it worse. He can't use the heat as and excuse, the guy play the bulk of his career in Hotlana. Now bringing in Bell has been brought Randolph some grief by some Mets fans but Bell was a victim of bad luck. Castillo's ball bounced over Wright's head and Cabrera's was deep in the hole at short and that brings up Delgado. And here comes Mr. Koo. Ball 1. Ball 2. Ball 3. THREE RUN HOMER!!!!!! I hope Titan Tom was nice and cool sitting in the air condtioned clubhouse. Koo still has a lot to learn about American baseball and about ML hitters especialy superstar sluggers like Carlos Delgado. They will tee off on 3-0. Koo claims in Korea and Japan hitters never swing on 3-0. Well, guess what Mr. Koo they do here and you should know that but it seems your a bit preoccupied in the clubhouse: [Koo, a 35-year-old rookie, said it was more common in Korea and Japan for batters to take pitches on 3-and-0 counts. Some may question why Koo hasn't spent more time checking scouting reports, especially given that he spends most of his spare time in the clubhouse playing video games and Texas Hold 'em.] Where is old spit and polish Randolph when this guy is playing video games instead of going over scouting reports? Oh I see beards and long hair are bad not paying attention is ok. Then after the game we have Titan Tom all cooled off after the game tossing Mr. Koo under the bus: ["I always assume somebody's swinging," said Tom Glavine, who allowed one run in six innings before the bullpen imploded. "Power guys in the middle of the lineup, you have to assume that they see a pitch they think they can do some damage with, they're going to swing." Glavine, referring to making a better pitch on 3-and-0, said, "That's one of those lessons he's got to learn the hard way, I guess."] Glavine just makes this loss worse. Frist he bales on the game then he bales on his teamate. Why was Mike DeJean brought into this game with Aaron Heilman wasting away in the bullpen desperatly needing work? The next question is why does Omar Minaya insist on carrying 7 releivers? If Heilman can't get into a game there's a problem don't you think? Forget the fact that Heilman should have The Zambrano Projects spot in the rotation but if your going to keep Heilman in the pen you have to use him. The next time I see Manny Aybar and Mike Dejean it better be in the transaction page under the heading "given their uncondtional release". Bring up Royce Ring already! (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |