The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I was swamped with work and never got around to it" �WWHHHEEWWW, WHERE DO I BEGIN� Bullshit. 100 % USDA Prime Angus Bullshit!!! That�s what I thought of the call by 2nd base ump Jeff Nelson on David Wright in the 8th inning last night. Interference my ass! What Wright did in going hard into Rafael Furcal is the way to play baseball. From what I saw on the replay, Wright could have put out his left arm a touched the bag so that�s where you throw interference out the window. Besides Furcal was not interfered with as he was able to make the throw to 1st base but Chris Reitsma covering 1st muffed the throw as it hit him in the glove. Awful call and it cost the Mets 2 runs and a tie game. No doubt Turner Field is a house of horrors for the Mets. Lost in this whole interference mess were a couple of plays that cost the Mets big time. Cliff Floyd coming up with the bags juiced in the 8th has to get a hit in that spot. It seems like eons ago that Floyd was tearing up the NL and do tell me because Randolph sat him down a game about 10 days ago (as Joe Bada Bing said this morning) that he�s slumping, that�s a piss poor excuse. Then we have Dougie Eye Chart who has come out and told the world he sucks. We can see that Dougie as you have now entered the interstate (.197) and the hot breathe of Brian Daubach breathing down your neck (Memo to Omar Minaya: Forget going after Danny Graves, start planting the seeds into Reds GM Dan O�Brien�s head about obtaining Sean Casey) Meinky is quoted in the papers today as declaring how embarrassed he is to be playing so shity and he apologizes to Mets fans for his limp stick: ["The problem is me more than anybody else," he continued. "Mentally, I'm just fried. I've never felt like this. I've been bad before. Not this bad. I've been 5-for-110 and finished at .300. This is inexcusable. I apologize to every Met fan in America right now. I'm better than this. I know you guys wrote about how good defensively I am. But I can hit. I know I can hit. I'm embarrassing everybody with this."] I still don�t get why Randolph didn�t hit Piazza for Meinky in the 8th? I know Piazza looked awful in his pinch hitting spot but with the bases loaded and I need a hit I�d take Piazza at 50 years old over Meinky right now. Plus you still have Beltran on the bench who claims he can pinch it if need be. I think Willie screwed up there. Some folks are on Randolph for walking number 8 hitter Wilson Betemit to load the bases and have Ishii go after pitcher Horacio Ramirez. If Ishii can�t get Ramirez out then the Mets have more trouble than we think. How do you walk the opposing pitcher? I don�t care how much you struggle with your control there�s no way you just don�t put it right down the middle three times and walk back to the dugout. Put this on Ishii and not on Randolph. Looks as though letting Scott Strickland go is not as big a deal as Mets fans think. Strickland did not impress anyone in the organization and it seems as if Royce Ring will be getting the call back to the bigs very soon. A 12 man pitching staff is just one too many relievers if you ask me. Send down The Zambrano Project, release Manny Aybar and Eric Valent. Move Heilman back into the rotation, bring up Brian Daubach and Victor Diaz and Ring. Your welcome Omar! Steve Trachsel has been cleared by doctors to start limited baseball activities. Hopefully there will be a reason to get him back by July or early August. Willie Randolph can spin the company line all he wants but you�d have to be an idiot if you don�t think the Mets are a better team with Miguel Cairo at 2nd base than Kaz Matsui. Titan Tom Glavine will strap on a pair of Depends and take on his former team. Glavine is 1-7 against the Braves so this game could be over before Bo and Carrie sing their second song tonight. < |