The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days, I'm having some computer trouble but I hope to get it fixed soon. I'm watching the game as I try to figure out the trouble and one thing striks out at me. MLB needs to pass a rule that both teams CAN NOT WEAR DARK UNI TOPS in a game. The Mets have their played out black road tops on and the Brewski's have on Navy blue tops that suck jsut as much as the Mets tops. Please can we go back to the home team wears white and the road team wears gray? Is that a lot to ask? If you can't do that then at least have the equpiment managers get together before the game and decide who's wearing what? Titam Tom has no luck today as a couple of balls fell in no man's land. But Brewers pitcher, Chris Capuano has pitched out of trouble all game. It's 4-1 top of the 6th and today's clean up hitter Mike Cameron is up and he just cracked a two run homer to left field and it's 4-3 Brewers. This team does not quit and how about the power? The Mets now lead the NL in HR's WOW. Just think the Brewers were the hottest team in th eNL winning 7 straight until the Mets came in and ended that streak. The rockies beat Senator Al and the Fish so if the Mets can come back an win this one they'd gain a game on Florida. Is to early for scoreboard watching? < |