The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, May 02, 2005

"SHHHHHHH...I'M SUPPOSED TO BE AT A LITTLE LEAGUE MANAGERS MEETING......" But I'm blowing it off (My team is 2-2 as we took 2 of 3 games last week and I found a thrid pitchers which in LL is like hitting Mega Millions)because Scotty (Too Hottie)Kazmir is taking on the Highlanders on YES and Petey will be taking on the Quakers (as soon as the rain stops) on FSNY-close circuit TV. It's amazing that this MSG-FSNY/Time Warner Cable stupidity is on going. Thank God for DirectTV and southern exposure. Back in 1994 when there was pro hockey in NY. The NY Rangers won the Stanley Cup for the first time in 54 years. A big part of that team were the "extra" men (the leaders were Eddie Olczyk, Joey Kocur and Nick Kyprios who enjoyed joining my group for beers and sandwhiches at the Blarney Stone, the blue collar "21") who called themsevles THE BLACK ACES. They were bench guys who at a momments notice could fill in for a regular and the team would never miss a beat. The Mets have their "own Black Aces" in Marlon Anderson, Miguel Cairo, Chris Woodward, Eric Valent and Ramon Castro. No matter which player steps into the lineup they make a contribution. The bad part of this is when Mike Cameron comes back at the end of the week the strength of the bench may seal Victor Diaz fate back to Triple A. Diaz is in a slump and the most inopportune time as he will make Minaya and Randolph's decision easier. Diaz has nothing to prove in Triple A and he'll probably hit .700 but the Mets BLACK ACES are too good for anyone of them to get cut and they all thrive in their role. Who would have thought this just a year ago, the Mets have the best depth in baseball. Kazmir just got out of baseb loaded jam by getting A-Fraud to ground out. Kazmir has 6 K's through 3 innings < |