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Thursday, May 05, 2005

�SAY IT AIN�T SEO� Jae Seo Sux No More celebrated his terrific outing last night by heading over to La Guardia for a flight to Norfolk. But before he left he thanked of all people Professor Rick Peterson for putting him on the straight and narrow and getting his career on track. Sometimes folks who analyze baseball make it more complicated than it really is. What is the key to hitting? Timing. The ability to hit not just the fastball but to have also have the wherewithal to make the adjustment within a split second on a breaking ball or an off speed pitch. The hitters who can master this skill go on to Cooperstown the rest; thank the Players Association for having a great pension program. What is the key to pitching? The ability to throw off the hitters timing (see I told you this was easy) How many times have we seen the great pitchers (Gooden, Clemens, Johnson etc.) mix high 90�s cheese with an unhitable splitter or 12-6 Uncle Charley? How many times have you seen Randy Johnson buckle the knees of a left handed hitter who doesn�t know whether to sit or stand up on his nasty breaking ball? Some guys have the natural gift of being able to do this. Some guys are hard headed, thinking they can just out muscle the hitter (those who do this become subjects of Where Are They Now features) then you have the hard heads who finally get to the point where they decide it may be better to listen to some advice. That�s where Jae Seo fits in. After last season Seo made a lot of comments about his displeasure with Rick Peterson and with the Mets organization as a whole (By the way many of us were ready to ship Cliff Floyd out on a rail because he had too much to say just goes to show you sometime you need to take a deep breath before you leap to a conclusion) but Peterson sat down with Seo during spring training and got him to listen and get on track to what he wanted him to do become an effective major league pitcher. Peterson just went back to the simple way of throwing off a hitters timing. Seo never gets his fastball above 88-89 mph but he is able to get his change up down to 70-75 mph with some movement. What Peterson stressed was the basic premise of pitching, stay ahead in the count, change speeds, and hit your spots. It has taken some time but it seems as Seo has gotten the hang of it. Peterson has also worked with Aaron Heilman as well getting him to go back to his college approach to pitching and Heilman finally looks like the player worthy of a number one pick. Sure Peterson gets killed for his �I can fix him in 10 minutes� comment about The Zambrano Project but the critics have to be fair here, sure Zambrano is awful but he was awful before the disastrous trade last July but you have to give Peterson his props with his handling of this pitching staff. Tell me another team that can lose three starting pitchers and still compete with anyone on the league? It�s a credit to Peterson and the organization. �WHEW! BABY MANNY STILL HERE� With Kris Benson and Mike Cameron back from the DL two players had to be sent to Norfolk. Most of us in Mets blogisphre screamed for Victor Diaz to stay up with the big team. Most mainstreamers wrote us off as no nothings, well it looks like Omar sided with the bloggers as Diaz stays and Jae Seo and Royce Ring go back down. Diaz will be added to the Black Aces and just makes the best bench in baseball even better and with the way Randolph spreads the playing time around, Diaz should still get enough AB�s to keep sharp. �IS THE PLUG ABOUT TO BE PULLED ON THE ZAMBRANO PROJECT�? ["It's not like we have five guys locked in for sure," General Manager Omar Minaya said. "We'll go with the best five guys pitching."] Seems as if Omar Minaya answered my question of �What is the fate of The Zambrano Project�? If Zambrano cannot get his act together, Omar has no problem of dumping him either to another organization (fat chance) or to Norfolk (better chance) if he does not straighten out and fly right. It�s the perfect spot for Omar as he did not trade for him and as we see, if he was in charge Scott Kazmir would still be a Met. If Omar put Zambrano on irrevocable waivers would you as a Mets fan be angry? I didn�t think so. "MUST SEE TV" No it's not American Idol or The Apprentice it's the Highlanders post game show on Highlander Goverment Televison (otherwise known as YES). They have a new trollop asking the in depth questions (Joe, was it the third out of the ninth inning when you knew this game was over?) to St. Joseph of Torre by the name of Kim Jones. Jones was a football writer for the Newark Star Ledger who took over the job held by Suzyn (Highlander Hag) Waldman went to the radio side with John (IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR, IT IS CAUGHT BY THE FIRSTBASEMAN) Sterling. To hear Jones ask questions to Torre in her hushed tones you get the feeling she does not want to wake anyone even though it may be time to hold a wake for the Highlanders. The long faces on Klueless Kay and Bobby Murcer is worth the price of pay TV. Yes I am enjoying the fall of the HIghlander Empire as there so called broadcasters can not suffer enough to suit me. < |