The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"OUR SLIP IS STARTING TO SHOW" WOW Thank god for Heath Bell. Bell just got out of a bases loaded jam by getting Nefi Perez to hit into a 1-2-4 double play. I swear I thought Piazza was going to throw the ball away when he took what seemed like forever to throw down to Meinky. WHEW!!!! It's time for Randolph to shake up this line up. First Jose Reyes and Kazuo Matsui have to come out of the 1-2 spot in the line up. Neither one of these guys can get on base and do you think Reyes could lay down a friggin bunt once in awhile? Let David Wright bat lead off for a while and let Cameron hit 2 or Diaz when he plays could hit there anything but Reyes/Matsui. Drop Reyes down the 8th spot and Matsui could be shipped back to the Land of the Rising Sun for all I care as I've seen enough of him to see he just oozes suckiness. Jeff Kepinger is tearing up Triple A bring him up and team him with Cairo and put Matsui on waviers. Enough is enough! While I'm dumping off our Asian players this Mr. Koo character needs to switch places with Royce Ring with Ring coming back to the big leagues. I've yet to see Koo come up I don't care what the hell this guy did in Japan, Korea, China or anywhere he's not a big time reliever so sayonara Mr. Koo and take Mr. Sucks at Second base with you. < |