The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

�I�M GONNA WAIT TILL THE MIDNIGHT HOUR� I have toothpicks holding my eyes open at work today as I stayed up to watch Dougie Eye Chart hit another game winning home run (thank god, as there is nothing worse than getting just 4 hours sleep and have your team lose) as the Mets took the lead, lost the lead and got the lead back and beat the Cubs. Meinky hit the Mets 43rd homer of the year, which leads the NL, off Mel Rojas clone La Troy Hawkins. What a difference a year makes. Last year if the Mets lost a lead there was no reason to watch anymore. Now, not since 2000 have I had this feeling where I can�t go to bed until the game is over. This team is not only never out of a game but they are starting to believe they will win every game. Just look at how Cliff Floyd reacted when Jeromy Burnitz leaped to catch his fly ball to right that would have put the Mets up three in the 8th, this team hates to lose which is something you could not say about the last three editions of the New York Mets. I can just imagine how much Old Style the vendors at Wrigley poured last night with two rain delays. Cubs fans have livers made of cast iron. �IS AARON HEILMAN IS A SWINGER?� Back in the 1970�s there were pitchers in baseball who were known as �swingmen�. These were strong and effective armed pitchers who could go from long man in the pen to staring pitcher in a flash. Diego Segui, Doug Bird, Stan Bahnsen and Dick Drago were pitchers who were effective in this role and later on in their careers made the way to full time reliever role. I bring this up because it looks like Willie Randolph, who was a star in the 70�s and faced these guys, is thinking of going this route with the revived Aaron Heilman. With Kris Benson back in rotation and Kaz Ishii about a week away someone will have to go to the pen. Now Ishii could head to the pen as a long man but his wildness is an issue and The Zambrano Project is one more shity start from calling Norfolk home for a while. In case The Zambrano Project straightens out to give the Mets at least five serviceable innings Heilman could fill the most valuable spot and the Mets swingman. Add in that Heilman could step in and make a start for Petey or take a start to give Petey that extra days rest he likes, it adds up to a strength that most teams would envy. NEW YORK STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ELLIOT SPITZER IS ON YOUR SIDE The A.G. of NY state stepped up again and got the Cablevision controlled MSG Network and FSNY back on Time-Warner cable systems. Not only did TW get the programming back they also got Cablevision to agree to drop the Metro channels which has programming that makes public access television look like Masterpiece Theater. A.G. Spitzer beats the Dolan�s once again. Let me say one thing about Elliot Spitzer. His office gets results. I had a major problem with my local Blockbuster Video store where I would return movies and games by leaving them in the drop box they have when they�re closed and the morons that work in the store would not credit my account that they were returned on time and charger me ridiculous late fees. It happened one time to many and I complained to the acne faced twerp who they call a store manager and to the home office in Texas without any resolution to the problem. So I contacted Spitzer� office and they sent me a complaint form which asked for the details of the case. Well, not only did I get a letter of apology from Blockbuster but I also received coupons for free rentals. If Elliot Spitzer runs for Governor of NY I will not only vote for him but I will solicit for him as well. George Pataki PHEW! Kiss my ass. �A WELL RESTED PETEY WILL TAKE ON THE HIGHLANDERS� Either Willie Randolph just stuck out a big middle finger to talking rectums like Francessa and Russo or he just figured it�s best to keep the very fragile psyche of Titan Tom Glavine stable by keeping Glavine on his 5 day schedule and give Petey an extra day rest and have him start the Friday May 20th game against the Highlanders. < |