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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"IF IT'S TURNER FIELD IT'S A METS LOSS" I'm starting to get worried here that the Mets season is starting to slip away. Glavine is happy to be mediocre. Cliff Floyd has come back to earth as he cannot drive home runners in scoring position. We are seeing two breakdowns one physical in Mike Piazza who is lost at the plate and Dougie Eye Chart who seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown over his hiting slump. Even the Players Association put a call into to Meinky just to make sure he's of sound mind. Last night was a tough one to watch. It jsut looked like the Mets were going through the motions I'm sure Randolph saw that too and if this goes on another game or two action will have to taken. Already Randolph is putting out the word that Meinky may not be long for the first base job: [Randolph pledged support for Mientkiewicz as his starting first baseman. "Right now he's still my first baseman. That could change, but it's not because I'm thinking that he can't play anymore," Randolph said. "If you struggle, everyone goes through struggles. Sometimes, time off helps a struggle. Sometimes a twist, a couple days off might help. "But you don't make players feel like if they don't produce tonight, that they might lose their job or they might not play anymore. . . . "So I'm just saying that things could change, but right now he's my first baseman."] So let me get this straight, what Willie is saying is players slump and you try to get through it with them. Then he says he does not want Meinky to worry about losing his job. Then he says but that doesn't mean he can't lose his job, but as of today he's still the first baseman. Got that? I know Joe McWilpon and David Wright are as close as brothers but McWilpon needs to mind his business and worry about the fact he can't make the roster of the worst team in baseball instead of telling David Wright he was wrong to flip out for being called out for interfernece two nights ago. The Chicago Sun-Times says it an'it so that the Cubs and Mets are talking about LaTroy Hawkins to the Mets deal. Mike Kiley who wrote this story added this dumb paragraph to his story: [And last, but far from least, the Cubs aren't going to downgrade their bullpen by helping the Mets' atrocious bullpen if they believe they are legitimate National League wild-card contenders.} Hey, Jim Hendry would give his left nut for a pitcher like Heath Bell. And this one: [First, the sides would actually have to have a conversation about it. The Cubs have not been in contact with the Mets about any such trade. Second, Hawkins has certain teams in his contract as places he wouldn't go in a trade. Could the Mets be one? That sounds like a good bet.] This is some sloppy work there Kiley. Why not ask someone that knows about Hawkins contract if the Mets are on that list. Why wouldn't Hawkins want to join the Mets and play in a city that actually gives a shit if their teams win or lose not just if the beer is cold. If Kazuo Matsui doesn't get back soon, and Willie Randoplh can spin it all he wants, the more Miguel Cairo plays the harder it will be for Matsui to get his job back. It a strange way I think Willie is not ready to rusg Kazuo back: [He says he feels stiff," Randolph said of Matsui. "The at-bat he had (Monday) night, you could see he just didn't feel comfortable." ] (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |