The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

First Danny Graves and now Adam Dunn's and Jr's vibrating chair has been tossed out of the Queen City. Manager in a Panic, Dave Miley has removed two massage chairs that Dunn and Jr. bought for them and their teammates to enjoy. But Miley acting like a guy whose job is hanging form a string, is trying to get tough with the reeling Red Legs. This on the unpopular move of chucking closer Danny Graves, it looks like this team is ready to implode. Now's the time for OMar Minaya to get on the blower to Reds GM Dan O'Brien and talk turkey about Reds first baseman Sean Casey. Casey makes $7.8 mil for this season and has an option for '06 for $8.5 mil if he makes 1500 AB's form the '03-'05 season or if he makes two All Star appearences in those three years. Casey needs just 356 AB's to make that plus he was an All Star in 2004. Com'on Omar be bold!!!! < |