The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"BRADEN LOOPER NEEDS TO TAKE A DEEP BREATH" As he dose that he should look at the big picture here with the way the Mets roster has been complied. The team has too many pitchers. Now that should not be confused with too much pitching because as we all know (say with me everyone)"you can never have enough pitching" So the Mets have 6 starters and and 6 relievers. That's one too many starters and just enough relievers. What ever happened to 10 man pitching staffs? Now 11 is the norm and some like the Mets go with 12, if you have to go to a 12 man staff then that means you have problems. Now one of the problems is what is Mr. Koo? Is he a LOOGY? Is he a man for all batters? Is he a long man? So far what he's been is ineffective. Now last night the Reds had three lefites coming up in the 9th inning. So Willie Randolph showed he has a head on his shoulders that is fully functional unlike the man he replaced, and said "lets see what Koo can do here" Well what Koo did was what he's done most of this season, he put men on base. So with a couple a men on Randolph called on Braden Looper. Looper came in and closed out the inning and saved a come from behind 1 run Mets win. So everyone should be happy right? Well not Looper it seems. Looper felt slighted that he was not called on to pitch the 9 th inning as he is the "closer". This is where Looper has to step back an examine the big picture. We are rounding toward June and Randolph knows there are too many pitchers on the roster and it's time to seperate the wheat form the chaff so to speak. Koo's job is to get out lefites and as I've said he's not done a good job of it. So with three lefites coming up in a tight situation I agree with Willie in leaving Koo in the game. I would have to think Koo, The Zambrano Project and Manny Aybar have to show a little somethin' somethin' or they will be either demoted or unemployed as a deciosn has to be made on Scott Strickland by the end of the weekend, and Kaz Ishii is back in the rotation (he pitched a great one last night)Aaron Heilman has pitched himself back into the big leagues and Jae Seo looks reborn, so Braden, try to be like your manager and think outside the box. < |