The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, May 30, 2005

"BELTRAN READY TO GET BACK IN THE LINEUP, I THINK"? Carlos Beltran has not played a full game since May 21. At that time it was determened that he had a deep bruise to his quad(thigh) muscle but for some reason known only to Omar Minaya and Willie Randolph he was not placed on the 15 DL. So along with Kazuo Matsui who was hurt with a sore neck the Mets played with 23 players for over a week. Of those 23 12 players are pitchers so that leaves 11 postion players. 8 of those 11 start the game leaving 3 players on the bench. Of those 3, 1 is the back up catcher and he would be the last resort to be used as a pinch hitter. So for over a week the Mets have played with 2 players eligible to pinch hit. Is this any way to run a major league team? < |