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Saturday, April 02, 2005

"WITH THE 25 MAN ROSTER SET, NORFOLK MAY HAVE A BETTER PEN THAN THE PARENT CLUB" Here are your 2005 New York Mets Pedro Martinez Tom Glavine Kris Benson Victor Zambrano Kaz Ishii Manny Aybar Roberto Hernandez Mr. Koo Mike Matthews Felix Heredia Mike DeJean Braden Looper Doug Mientkiewcz Kaz Matsui Jose Reyes David Wright Chris Woodward Marlon Anderson Miguel Cairo Mike Piazza Ramon Castro Mike Cameron Carlos Beltran Cliff Floyd Eric Valent The starting pitching just has to keep healthy (I know what your saying, no shit sherlock!) and the move of Benson for Ishii was disguised as a move made due to Benson's tweak of his pec muscle. I smell a comspiracy here. I say the Brain Trust (Willie, Omar and Professor Rick)realized that they can not have two pitching philanthropists (Ishii and Zambrano) pitching back to back, so why not use the Benson "discomfort" to make a move to sandwich him in between "The Walker Brothers"? Rather than go over who made the bullpen for the Mets, lets look at who didn't: Heath Bell Scott Strickland Blake McGinnley Bartolome Fortunado The reason they were not added to the bullpen had nothing to do with talent. Bell, McGinnley and Fortunato have options to the minors. Strickland agreed to report to Norfolk because he wants to stay a Met and needs to regain some of the zip on his fastball and bite on his slider. So talent means nothing. I thought Omar would show his onions and cut Heredia who is so dreadful he makes me wish Doug Sisk was back in Queens. Hernadez pitched well this spring and I figured him to make the team. Mr. Koo seems to have pitched on every game televised back to NY and he does have a little somethin' somethin'. Aybar did not pitch in the big leagues at all in 2004. DeJean pitched well until he broke his leg last year and Looper is the Rodney Dangerfield of relivers (No Respect, No Respect at all) The infield is well above average. Dougie Eye Chart will not only fight for the Gold Glove at first base, he will have a "Olerud year" at the plate. Matsui will be on a short leash as Miguel Cairo is Willies pet. Reyes will be on the cover of SI by mid-May (Please don;t let the jinx get him) with the caption "Best All-Around Shortstop In Baseball" David Wright will become Willie Randolph's most embarassing moment as Mets manager when fans and media scream "Get him out of the eight hole" Piazza could be the baseball story of the year. Down to his last year on a contract, not counted on for much, but his 25 first half home runs get him the starting nod on the NL All Star team. By June Mets fans will be saying Ramon Who? as Mike DiFelice becomes the back up catcher by May 1st. Mike Cameron's Mets career ends with a trade to Detroit for Gates Brown. Carlos Beltran makes all the nay sayers eat their words as he becomes the top vote getter for the All Star game and is the leader for MVP honors in the NL. Cliff Floyd reveals he is not on the "cream or the clear" but that he is under faith healer Benny Hin's guidance that has lead to his revived career. Eric Valent becomes the later day Eddie Kranepool. Victor Diaz will be the call up that everyone looks back at as the call up that put the Mets over the top to win the NL East. Chris Woodward, Marlon Anderson and Miguel Cairo lead the Bench Mob to highs in RBI and Run Scored for bench players in MLB. (to post a commnet please clik on the time of this posting) < |