The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"WHY WE LOVE BABY MANNY" There is now way in the world that Omar can send Victor Diaz down to Norfolk. Let Kameron make his come back and show all of baseball he's healthy and let the bidding begin (package him with Kazuo Matsui if it helps)but Baby Manny has got to stay on the big league roster. Does he screw up in the field and on the bases? Yes and some of his screw ups are of the "you gotta be kidding" variety, like not knowing how many outs in a inning, but when you have a guy like Cliff Floyd, who can pull a muscle wiping his arse, there will be plenty of opportunities for Diaz to play as you cannot ignore his .343/.452/.686 hitting out of the 8 hole THE 8 HOLE for Christ sakes! While i'm typing this post, Benigno and Sidiot are talking (shouting really) to Ed (Grey Goose)Coleman who either missed last call or the bar ran out of preimium vodka because he has his balls in an up roar when Joey B said "Eddie I got two words for ya, VICTOR DIAZ!!! No way I want to see Cameron again" Coleman, quite agitaited told Joe to "Calm Down, Calm Down will you stop shouting" Coleman went on to explain that the Mets have to play Cameron when he's healthy as to show all of bassebal he's up to snuff in order to deal him off. The Grey Goose also said do not be suprised if Baby Manny goes down to Norfolk if and when Kameron gets activated. Joey B nearly had a stroke hearing that. You have to love Joey B he's a fan and he could care less who he pisses off. It seems Randolph is mad that Joe and Sidiot ran a poll last week asking if Mikey P and Bern Baby Bern are through. Joe acted like he could give two shits if Willie was pissed as he told a quite anoyed Coleman to "give Willie my regards" < |