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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"WHILE I HAVE A MINNUTE......." I'm getting new windows for my home and it has turned into one big pain in the ass as well as a pain in the back as I've been yanking air conditoners out of windows all day. Then I had my first pratice with my Little League team and I can see this will be the most work I'll have to do with a team since I coached 5 year olds in T-Ball. So I've tried to fit in some Mets bloging in as I'm watching Titan Tom Glavine try to stop the one game losing streak that has many Mets fans on the brink of despair. So far the games is tied in the 4th 2-2 as Mineky and Wright have homered and Titan Tom after getting squeezed by home plate ump Chuck Merriweather, has been getting the outside pitch called for a strike. Let me get to a couple of items. (update: Chuck Merriweather sucks big time. Glavine had Griffey struck out on an outside fastball and did not get the call. Of course Griffey hit the next pitch to RF for two run single. Now Casey has hit a singel to drive in a run and the Mets are down 5-2. There is nothing worse than inconsistent umpiring. Glavine is out of the game as Adam Dunn is goming up with two men on. Glavine lost it after he didn't get a call form Merriweather who along whith "Country" Joe West belong in the Hall of Suck!!!) What's the deal with Mike Cameron? Is he hurt or is he sore? There's a big difference. From reading Willie Randolph's quote I think he's waitng to decide if he wants Jae Seo or Aaron Heilman to pitch Saturday or just let Jose Santiago pitch. The only way Heilman or Seo can be added to the roster is if someone goes on the DL. If not it's Santiago's ball on Saturday: ["He said he didn't feel as well as he thought he would," the manager said. "And until he's 100 percent, we'll back him off." Randolph told his right fielder to stop swinging if he felt any discomfort, and Cameron followed directions. Later, Cameron said he will do "whatever it takes to get right," meaning he would extend his time not playing if that were deemed necessary.] Where's Matt Ginter when you need him? How about John Smoltz getting lit up yesterday in South Florida? Smoltz went 1 2/3 innings giving up 7 runs (6 earned) which translate to a 32.40 ERA. Scott Kazmir made his 2005 debut for the D-Rays yesterday and put in a good effort. Kazmir went 5 innings gave up 3 hits 1 ER and 2 BB 2 K's in a no decsion against the Blue Jays. Those numbers ver pretty good but th eone number the struck was 9144, that was the number orf ass's in the seats in the Trop Dome. Pathetic. < |